New app assists Queensland flood victims

These days you can find an app for almost anything. Including, it seems, the shocking floods that have inundated Queensland this week.

With voice networks being shaky at best yesterday and many unable to access their personal computers, a free app is now on the market for victims of the Queensland floods and anyone else that wants to keep track of things – Queensland Floods 2011.

The app comes loaded with a series of features allowing users to check up-to-date power outages, road closures, the Red Cross persons list and weather announcements. This is particularly handy when you consider today the weather announcements were updated with an alert about a potential tropical cyclone in the region.

The contact page allows users to contact emergency numbers at the touch of a button, with the most important numbers displayed as bigger buttons – makes it a bit easier than dialing 000 manually.

The Live Blog section of the iPhone App has messages from people around the world constantly feeding into it. From people offering shelter for victims to interstate or international family members requesting information on missing relatives, the Live Blog acts as a giant Twitter feed just for flood victims. It puts into perspective the amount of people affected and sees a great level of care shown from those responding to queries.

While these buttons are instantly available, a ‘more’ tab will take you to a separate menu featuring links for news, donation pages, ABC podcasts, official Tweets and a feed of anyone posting on Twitter with #qldfloods.

There is no doubt anyone affected by the floods will find this tool highly valuable, particularly while phone lines are being tied up by extreme congestion. When time is of the essence it also helps to be saved from the need to trawl through Google to find information. The Queensland Floods 2011 app may not be the most timeless of apps but you can bet it will become one of the most used in the coming days.

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  1. Les Posen says:

    This is why I recommend iinet to all my friends – a sense of knowing the right thing to do at the right time.