Apps to help kids make good habits

It’s important to get kid on the right path early to help good behaviour feel like a second nature, yet it can be difficult to know where to start. In a modern world with so many different distractions vying for a child’s attention, getting them to focus on something like brushing their teeth for long enough can feel like a real challenge!

Fortunately, technology can also be useful to help us learn, understand and enjoy. Along with some enthusiastic recommendations from friends and family, we’ve done a bit of research and found some great apps to help kids get into the habit of doing the right thing. Whether it’s being kind to others, staying hydrated or keeping hygiene in mind, chances are good that there’s an app to help put it in a child’s perspective.

Have a read through our list to see if any would be useful for the young ones in your life.


Teach Your Monster to Read

This award-winning phonics and reading game has helped over 16 million kids learn to read! Ideal for kids aged 3 to 7, Teach Your Monster to Read allows kids to make their own little monster buddy to play education games that will help them master the basics of reading. Learning through play is the perfect way to help kids fall in love with reading and this app has plenty of activities and colourful characters to keep them engaged.

$7.99 to download for iOS and Android.


Pokémon Smile

Help keep those cavities at bay by turning those tooth-brushing sessions into a game! The Pokémon Smile has over 100 adorable critters to collect, and they can only be caught with regular brushing sessions to help save the Pokémon (and their teeth) from those nasty bacteria. There’s an on-screen guide to help kinds brush different teeth long enough to make up a one, two or three-minute brushing session. An augmented reality feature even lets them ‘wear’ different Pokémon caps while they do it!

Free to download for iOS and Android.


Plant Nanny 2

Everyone needs to stay hydrated, but kids can be especially prone to running around without giving their thirst a second thought. Plant Nanny 2 can help kids visualize the benefits of regularly drinking water with an adorable little plant character that will slowly grow over time. Parents will most likely need to help with the initial setup as there are some questions about age and weight to calculate daily water requirements, but from there it’s easy to get reminders to drink water and watch the plant grow.

Free to download for iOS and Android.


Sir Dapp! Game Show

A game show with a difference! Sir Dapp is here to help kids explore the fun side of important life skills such as politeness, respect, and good manners without the pressure of parental confrontation (just think how many times you were told off as a kid, as opposed to being praised for doing the right thing right off the bat). Kids aged 5 to 8 will love the wide range of games, quizzes and visual puzzles that are designed to help them think about the way they treat other people and their belongings.

$1.49 to download for iOS and $1.59 to download for Android.


Sago Mini Friends

Recommended for toddlers aged 2 to 5, Sago Mini Friends has a range of fun activities designed to promote empathy, sharing, and creativity through pretend play. The games give little ones an understanding of cause and effect and how to treat their friends kindly. Kids will love interacting with the Sago mini characters and friends and family can also play along for added fun.

$5.99 to download for iOS and free to download for Android.


Rooster Money

As kids get older and start to earn pocket money, a savings app can help them get familiar with the basics of financial literacy. Rooster Money is an app designed with kids’ pocket money in mind. It provides a clear visualisation of saving and spending, with a bar chart to help kids save up for a goal (Lego sets are a popular choice). For little ones who haven’t quite learned their numbers yet, the app also features a basic star chart to keep track of good behaviour.

Free to download for iOS and Android.


Which app would you recommend for kids? Tell us about it in the comments.


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