April Fool’s Prank Promises a Petabyte!

by Nikkita Dixon

It’s been an exciting and disappointing day for those who fell for our April Fool’s Day prank – The Petabyte.

While most clued on pretty quickly to the infamous date, several social networkers were caught out with either enthusiastic updates “OMG GUYS. PETABYTE PLAN!!” or criticism “You’d have to be pretty close to the exchange to have any hope of hitting the @iiNet petabyte limit”.

The Petabyte plan leaked to the iiNet home page in the early hours on April 1st. Without any external communications, many believed the revelation had been mistakenly posted early – that is, until they checked their calendar. The Petabyte plan guaranteed customers they would “never be hungry for data again” with a quota equaling 1000 times the Terabyte plans we coined last year (the equivalent of 13.5 years of HD video).

The Petabyte ad also promised a lifetime supply of unlimited iiNet broadband to the first person to download a Petabyte of data in a month. The offer attracted some banter between the mathematicians following the online conversations, deducing customers would need a minimum of 3.083Gbps speed in order to download a Petabyte of data within a month.

We weren’t the only ones to pull an April Fool’s Day gag on the World Wide Web. Google in fine form released AdBlock Freedom, a piece of eyewear that allows people to block out ads in real time. Blackberry announced its new screenless Smartphone, IKEA launched a new highchair for dogs and Ebay was reportedly bought via an Ebay auction by Pirate Bay (TPB).

Now that the hour has safely ticked past 12pm, we’d like to say a light-hearted “gotcha!”.

Happy April Fool’s Day guys!

If you’d like to check out our Petabyte ad head here.

One comment

  1. Scott says:

    You buggers, you got me, I was so excited, I even entertained for a moment actually doing it, totally forgot the date, laughed all the way through Google’s and everyone else’s 1st day offerings.

    But never even imagined you guys, never even entertained it for a second, even told my wife, (after a somewhat lengthy explanation of what a petabyte was).

    She’s now standing in the kitchen laughing her guts out, well done to all concerned.