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Technology is increasingly becoming intertwined with the Australian lifestyle. It’s changing the way we communicate, work and play and improving our quality of life. We know the National Broadband Network (NBN) is going to be a game changer for Australia: delivering better and faster connection than we’ve ever seen before.

A new research report developed by leading demographer Bernard Salt at KPMG demographics and commissioned by nbn™ looks at the way technology has revolutionised life in Australia and how our new generation, GenNBN, will be better connected than any previous generation.

The Lucky Country

Australia’s prosperity is attributed to a range of factors: one of the most important being our willingness to embrace new ideas and technology. This includes our adaptability and fast adoption of innovations in education and health as well as new technologies found in smartphones, tablets and pay TV.

The report, Towards a super connected Australia, breaks down the way technology has shaped the Australian way of life into four key themes:

  • Global connectivity
  • The world of work
  • Home and household
  • Interests and leisure.

Looking at how technology will continue to influence lifestyle the report also discusses how life might look in the future for GenNBN.

Global Connectivity

Our little island down under is no longer the isolated country it used to be. Increased immigration from a broadening range of horizons, Europe to China, India and a range of Arabic-speaking nations, has transformed us into a cosmopolitan fusion culture.

It’s predicted that the NBN will enable a more global focus for business. We may see the creation of new businesses which connect internationally-sourced goods with local vendors or local goods to international vendors.

The world of work

Working life in Australia has been transformed by the rise of technology allowing us to do more and stay connected than ever before. But there is a shift towards managing a sustainable work-life balance, where work fits around lifestyle and not the other way round.

In an NBN-connected society, future workers could have more flexibility in the way they work. The report proposed that there might be less of us working in the CBD and more working from home.

They type of work we do may also change, focusing more on the completion of deliverables rather than the number of hours worked, challenging the idea that workers need to be physically present 9-5 Monday to Friday.

Home and household

The average Australian household has changed drastically over time. The nuclear family model of Mum, Dad and children is now just one of many possibilities including: multigenerational households, childless couples, one-parent families, group households and more. And it’s not just the residents – the types of buildings we live in, have changed too. People are becoming more likely to opt for an apartment over a three bedroom suburban job.

The family home of the future is likely to evolve into a central location for work, rest and play. Building designs may include communication hubs such as studies or workspaces where residents can be connected. Families may also consider more how the rooms in a house connect to each other and design houses in such a way to maximise connectivity. For example, reducing the number of permanent obstructions that could impact on the quality of WiFi.

Interests and leisure

With our great weather (almost all year round) it’s no surprise that Australians place a great value on leisure time. The report notes that sport has often been our leisure activity of choice but increasingly leisure time also includes “lifestyle pursuits” going to events, cafes, bars and restaurants.

A faster broadband network like the NBN will enhance and enable a leisure-focused lifestyle. Our new network will help us communicate more readily and spend more time researching, discussing and sharing our interests with others.

And the appetite for Australians to consume a greater amount of content at faster speeds will only grow as illustrated in an infographic from the report (below). The NBN is set to boost the economy, fuel growth, and provide new opportunities to many different industries. Australians will continue to adopt and use technology, embracing the high-speed and more reliable connectivity of the NBN, for an even brighter future.


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    No good news for me my address isn’t close to getting NBN in the USA 1gb is available as well as 2gb d/l & U/l we are so far behind in this technology backwater

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    Hah 2 contractors to cover the whole of Adelaide and they move like 1 street every 6 months … NBN… may see it by 2045…

  3. AlaphaOne says:

    The Outer East is totally neglected whu when eildon is fully covered at stage B the yarra valley was on fire for months and needs coverage for emergencies as much as Marysville especially given the higher population densities.

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