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As a self-confessed online shopping addict and someone who is eternally on the lookout for some outfit inspiration, keeping on top of the freshest and handiest apps for fashion is a big help in feeding my hunger for new trends, and finding the best deals online.

The adage of the 21st century: “There’s an app for that”, certainly doesn’t miss out on the world of fashion. There are the expected guests at the fashion app party of course- shopping apps. However, there are also a great variety beyond this: to give you a bit of inspiration from people all around the world, to match your outfit to the weather predictions, and to even track down something you saw someone wearing, but were too afraid to ask where they got it from.

The great thing about these apps is, unlike a magazine, they allow you to streamline the content to your own taste and style, to choose your own experience and connect with like-minded fashionistas.

Let’s take a look at a few of the best (free!*) ones out there currently.


Keep Shopping – iOS, Android

Huff Post Style has named this “The Only Fashion App Worth Getting”. This app works as a universal shopping cart, letting you buy any number of items, from any store, all in the one order. Pretty handy!

ASOS iOS, Android

An incredibly user friendly version of the online store of the same name, this app allows you to shop ASOS’s overwhelming selection of items for women and men. It stocks an awesome variety of products, designers, and price ranges. It also comes complete with a handy search and filter function, and an ever-changing list of shop highlights.

Gilt iOS, Android

For the bargain hunter out there, this app has it all. It allows access to the latest designer sales for men, women and children, tells you how long is left in the sale and lets you shop direct from the app.

Don’t forget our old favourite eBay of course. No explanation necessary!


PolyvoreiOS, Android

As the New Yorker put it Polyvore is “a lot like playing paper dolls with pictures of real clothes”. The app allows you to curate collections of products into sets and collages, and share them with the Polyvore community. The app provides links to where you can buy the items from, so it’s a fun project in creativity, discovery and shopping all in one.

Lookbook iOS, Android

Self-Proclaimed as “The #1 source for fashion inspiration from real people around the world” the app version of this website allows you to scroll through a community of fashion devotees posting pictures of their outfits from around the world. It’s a great source of styling inspiration, to see how others put the clothes on their racks together.

Chic FeediOS, Android

This app combines photos from the internet’s top style and fashion blogs and puts them right at your fingertips. You can configure which blogs to view images from to suit your own style and tastes.

The Cut on the Runway – iOS

If you’re a runway diehard, and love to see the newest collections as they come out this is the app for you. You can watch videos of shows, get all the latest fashion news and browse an extensive archive of catwalk photos all in the palm of your hand.


ASAP54 – iOS

Named “Shazam for Fashion” This app uses visual recognition technology to help you find that item (or a very close match to it) that you just can’t find online to buy. All you need to do is snap or upload a picture, and the app will compare it with a massive online data base and provide some suggestions. No need to awkwardly tap someone on the shoulder on the street and ask where they got their shoes from.

The HuntiOS, Android

This app has a similar premise to ASAP54, but it works with a community, rather than visual recognition technology. Post a pic of the item you’re after, and over 3 million shoppers in the Hunt community will help you find it.


PoseiOS, Android

This app lets you share your style with followers, but also has a handy feature called “Fashion Forecast” that will generate daily outfit suggestions to fit the current weather conditions in your area. No more being caught out in unexpected conditions!

A number of these apps overlap within the categories listed above, allowing you to shop, discover and connect with others all in the one place, so don’t hesitate to start exploring within any of them!

Got any fashion focused apps you can’t keep those scrolling fingertips away from? Let us know in the comments below.


*Note: Although the apps mentioned in this article are free to download, data charges may apply. For example, when downloading photos.

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  1. Ieva says:

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    Fashion game – uses designer clothing in game for creating looks and voting on looks of other players. Actual clothing can also be bought online via designer websites. Highly addictive. Free to play, but purchase of game credits also available. It sucks up the data quota a fair bit.