BizPhone: A quick fix for common business problems

Every business wants the best experience possible for their customers and clients but on some days, it can feel like whack-a-mole: fix one small issue, and another pops up a second later! Fortunately, iiNet has an affordable way to cover your bases for a good customer experience so you can stay focused on the bigger picture.

The robust range of features offered by iiNet BizPhone, Australia’s best value small business phone solution, are ideal for any modern business. With plans including handset rental starting at just $29.95/month on a no lock-in contract (min charge $168.90)*, it’s a small investment with big potential to make sure business operations go smoothly.


*Includes $129.00 once off charge + $9.95 handset delivery fee.

A seamless switch for your business

DON’T LOSE YOUR PHONE NUMBER: You work hard for your business to develop a healthy customer base with loyal clients who have your number on speed dial. Not to mention the established advertising, the business cards, the signage… Changing your phone number just isn’t worth it!

KEEP YOUR EXISTING NUMBER WITH BIZPHONE: Don’t give up the reputation you’ve built. You can upgrade your existing phone number to iiNet BizPhone with the majority of phone carriers, including Telstra, Optus, Primus, Verizon, Symbio Networks, GoTalk, AAPT, TPG, iiNet, Westnet, Internode, Agile and TransACT^. By keeping your existing phone number, you can enjoy the benefits of a Bizphone service without needing to change any of your signage, business cards, phonebook listings or advertisements.

Never miss a crucial call

MISSED CALLS CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE: Phone calls are often the lifeblood of a business, and it’s vital that a call doesn’t get missed. Even if a call goes to voicemail, chances are that a customer with an urgent order is already calling one of your competitors if a call goes unanswered.

BIZPHONE FEATURES ENSURE CALLS GET ANSWERED: Call Forward to Mobile is one of BizPhone’s most popular features among small business clients. It allows you to have any unanswered calls to your BizPhone number automatically forwarded to your mobile number, so you’re able to answer the call while on the go. In the event that a voicemail does get left, BizPhone’s Voicemail to Email feature will send an audio file of the voicemail to your email address, so you can respond quickly.

Get organised and professional

PHONE MANNER LEAVES A BIG IMPRESSION: “Hi, welcome to Business, how can I help you?” There’s a reason a receptionist’s greeting is always the same. It’s consistent, personable and professional, which gives customers confidence that they’re dealing with an organised company that means business.

BIZPHONE ADDS A NICE TOUCH TO ANY CALL: Small businesses seldom have a full time receptionist on the payroll but that shouldn’t mean they have to compromise on consistency and professionalism for incoming phone calls. With BizPhone’s Auto Attendant feature, you can easily set up your own greeting for customers to hear when they ring in, and provide options to direct them to other BizPhone users within your company.

Not only that, BizPhone also gives you control over what callers hear while they’re on hold with its Custom On-Hold Music feature. You can upload your own audio, whether it be music, helpful advice, or even information about your latest products and services. That means that any call wait time isn’t call waste time.

Fine tune your phone to suit your business

CUSTOMER CONFUSION AFTER HOURS: Too often, after-hours calls go unanswered or end with a generic message on an answering machine. In the age of information and communication, most customers expect more from the businesses they deal with.

BIZPHONE KEEPS CUSTOMERS INFORMED: The Schedules and Events feature lets you set and forget an automatically recurring schedule for your regular opening hours. From there, you can configure other BizPhone features such as Call Forward Selective and Auto Attendant to handle calls in a different way depending on the time of day or day of the week. You can get after hours calls redirected to your mobile on weekdays but not on weekends, or vice versa – whatever suits you and your business. When you do have calls going to voicemail after hours, you can even set up an ‘after hours’ menu in your Auto Attendant to provide information about your opening hours and how the caller can expect their message to be handled.

Skip the expensive technicians

HIDDEN MAINTENANCE COSTS ARE A HEADACHE: It can be difficult to trust a third party solution when you’ve been burned before; what appears to be an affordable software package on the surface is really much more expensive than it seems. When every little configuration change requires a visit from a technician with an expensive hourly rate, the ongoing cost of the product just keeps going up.

SELF SERVICE PORTAL MAKES EVERYTHING EASY: BizPhone puts the power in your hands with its simple self service portal. This user-friendly interface allows you to log in and customise the features and settings of your BizPhone service in real time, with no technician needed. If you or your authorised staff ever find yourselves needing help, then our award-winning Business Team is ready to help walk you through it with friendly, Priority Business Support.


Find out more

For more information about BizPhone, visit our website or call the iiNet Business Team today on 13 86 89.


^Not available on all carriers. BizPhone requires fixed line broadband internet access and direct Ethernet cabling to each phone. Not available for telemarketing, call centre function and similar uses.

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  1. Thor Granrud says:

    I have NBN and Modem from IINET in the computer room, I always had the home phone In the kitchen but since NBN I have to connect it to the Modem in the computer room, WHY is this not very good.