BoB2 is here… And we mean it this time

We’re all breathing a big sigh of relief now that our two latest products – BoB2TM and the iiNet Wireless Bridge – are packaged and ready to be sent out to customers. It’s been quite a journey making sure everything is working exactly as we want it to but, looking back, it was worth the effort.

The team has been extremely busy ensuring everything has been timed well, running smoothly and ready to hit our target dates. Now everything is rolling off the production line, we’re eager to see what happens next.

Timing both projects to be released simultaneously was certainly ambitious but we’re confident it’ll make all the difference for our customers. There’s no need to wait, we can now offer a complete home solution. Customers can get their hands on a BoB2TM, a fetchtv set top box and an iiNet Wireless Bridge to complete their home setup – no wires necessary.

From our point of view, I guess you could say it’s the end of an era. The original BoBTM won’t be on our virtual shelves anymore. But I see it as natural evolution. Technology is ever changing, as are our customer’s needs. With thousands of customer suggestions pumped into our latest products, at least we can safely say we’re sure to make at least a few thousand people happy. At the same time, it’s an evolution for iiNet Labs as well. We have three solid products under our belt and we can’t wait to bring out more. That said, we’ll keep a tribute to the old BoBTM on our special shelf down at the Labs.

For now though, we’ll be closely monitoring our customer’s reactions during the release and then cracking open some hard earned beers at the end of the day. Of course we can’t take all of the credit. We may formulate the ideas and build the thing but every product we release takes a massive effort from everyone across the business. Everything from the firmware updates right through to the packaging and the ads you see on television come from someone different. So if you’re happy with our products, we’re ecstatic.

From all of us at the iiNet Labs, we hope you all enjoy the new BoB2TM and the iiNet Wireless Bridge.

If you’d like to learn more, head to the BoB2TM webpage or check out the press release.


  1. Paul says:

    My wife has always had a simple requirement. Phone calls must have sound quality consistently as good as a an ordinary phone over copper.

    (This is after two disastrous trials with VOIP, using Pennytel and Skype.)

    A new question now, is will the wireless handset, reach the base station on ground floor from second storey in our townhouse with timber floors?

  2. Steve says:

    It all sounds great but does it include T.30, T.38 protocols for FOIP. If not how can I go NAKED!

  3. Nick says:

    I have watched the original BoB adverts on television with my family. None of us have the slightest idea what it is that you are selling – and that includes two ‘early 20s’ daughters and a 17 year old. As far as we can make out it is a telephone with a screen which we think we can use like a computer but we are not sure, and if that is the case we are not sure why we would want to. (We currently use ipod Touches via wi-fi, and used to use Skype, so are moderately computer literate)

    Now you have launched BoB2 which presumably is better. We still have absolutely no idea what it is, why we would want it, or what it would cost, and is that price whatever it is reasonable for whatever it is that we would be getting. I think that voip is now involved, which might be of interest.

    I am sure that you have always thought your adverts to be very clever. Actually they are very irritating and not very informative.

    Perhaps a simple ‘this is what it does’ type advert could be slipped in quietly amongst the others without letting your trendy creative types know. You just might get more customers that way.

    • Geoff Searle says:

      Hi Nick,

      Passed your feedback along and got the following reply for you:

      “Thanks for your feedback, appreciate your comments.

      When producing a new TV ad, it’s always a challenge to fit everything into a 30 second spot. When making the BoB2TM TV ad, we tried to create a bit of excitement about the launch of this product by focusing on his new features (New Handset, Colour Screen, Answering Machine etc).

      The intention of the ad is to create some interest so that people either give us a call to find out more or check out the website for more detailed information on BoB2TM.

      In a very neat nutshell, BoB2TM is an all-in-one solution for your internet and phone.

      Bringing you the next generation in wireless internet and phone hardware, BoB2TM features an ADSL2+ modem router (with latest 802.11n wireless standards); dual line VoIP (or phone over the internet); packs in USB ports for charging & external hard drive storage; has a in-built answering machine; a high resolution colour handset display; comes NBN & fetchtv ready; and more.

      You can discover BoB2TM by visiting”

  4. Neville Thomas says:

    Hi, I am renting the original Bob with naked DSL can I replace the original with BoB2

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Neville,

      We are not changing rental BoB units over to BoB2 units.


  5. Jack Cola says:

    Hi Nick, if you want more information what BoB2 is, I just got mine, and you can read a review of it here. Basically it’s a modem/router to allow you to connect to the internet.

  6. Steve says:

    Still no reply to my question about FOIP protocols. Looks like all the hype about asking customers etc hasnt paid off, Is anyone else interested in doing away with the landline, going naked and still being able to use the FAX machine?

    • Geoff Searle says:

      Hi Steve,

      My apologies I overlooked your question.
      The BoB2TM supports the T.38 protocol. This can be found under [ 3. Setup my VoIP -> 4. Port advanced settings ]. However it is not enabled by default.

      Even though the hardware has the capability, we don’t recommend it, all of our other models have also supported this protocol.

      Actually getting FoIP running can be problematic and is something we don’t provide support for.

      At the least, I would always suggest trying a BoB2TM and Voip service with an existing connection prior to moving to Naked.