Building a home and looking to get NBN™?

Check if you can get NBN™!

If you’re building a new home or are ready to move in to a new home, don’t get caught out – here’s everything you need to know to ensure your home is NBN™ ready from the moment you move in!


I am currently having a new home built

If you’re building or looking to build, make sure to check if the property developer has applied for the NBN™ network. You can ensure your new home will be ready to connect to the NBN™ without the hassle by following these three easy steps:

1. Start planning early

You’ll need to apply for your NBN connection a minimum of 3 months before civil works commence, so make sure you start planning the installation early in the building process. Start thinking about how the NBN™ build process fits into your construction plan (like working out where the modem or NTD should be placed in your house), any costs that may apply, and gather the documents you’ll need for your application.

All new development applications need to be made online. NBN Co will then confirm the eligibility of your premise and guide you on next steps, fees and the building process.

2. Get your application ready

If you haven’t commenced construction and you’re still in the planning process, you’ll need to apply for conditional approval by submitting a new development application.

Once Practical Completion has been achieved, you will need to submit an as-built design and/or Notice of Practical Completion (PCN) to notify NBN Co that you are ready for a site inspection.

3. Design and build

Preparations for NBN™ infrastructure can be undertaken during the development stage. This may involve Lead-in Conduits (LICs), pit and pipe works, or pathways. NBN Co standards state that before a NBN™ network can be installed, it’s the developer’s responsibility to build the works required for NBN Co to install the NBN™ network. Design submissions are required to be submitted online for pit and pipe works or pathway works and once approved the build process can commence!


What NBN™ hardware do I need?

It’s important to have a think about where you want the NBN™ equipment to be located. Depending on the technology you receive the equipment you require may differ but there are usually three boxes that nbn co need to install to get your connection up and running – there will be one on the outside of your house, and one on the inside. The box outside of your home is the NBN™ Utility Box, also known as the PCD. Inside your home you will require the NBN™ Connection Box installed, this is also known as the NTD. If you’re considering a battery backup unit, this will require an additional box to be installed inside your home. However, iiNet doesn’t support this additional battery backup box for residential premises.

Now these units aren’t very pretty so it’s important to plan their installation to ensure they don’t become an eye-sore or get in the way in your new home! Additionally, think about the devices that you want to connect to your internet or phone and if your NBN™ connection will work with smart wiring or existing infrastructure. Ensure they’re in close proximity and easily able to connect to the NBN™ connection and if you are looking to connect wireless devices, that the location doesn’t trap or restrict connection.

Here are some tips for installing the NBN™ Utility Box

  • Allow a space approximately 30cm by 30cm, and it’s about 10cm deep. The minimum installation height for the NBN™ Utility Box is 41cm; and the maximum height is 1.5m.
  • Install at least 25cm from any electricity, gas or water meter boxes.
  • Install 25cm away from any downpipes.
  • Allow 25 cm clearance to the front to allow the casing’s door to swing open.
  • A maximum of 40m of fibre from the NBN™ Connection Box to the NBN™ Utility Box will be required although this is not “as the crow flies” but needs to take into account the distance the fibre has to travel up and down walls.
  • There can be no more than 3 bends (of max. 90 degrees) in the fibre’s path as it travels from the NBN™ Utility Box to the NBN™ Connection Box.

NBN™ Utility Box

Here are some tips for installing the NBN™ Connection Box

  • The area required for the NBN™ Connection Box is about 18cm x 20.6cm.
  • The NBN™ Connection Box must be installed within 1.5m of a power point.
  • The NBN™ Connection Box has to be installed 30-170cm above the ground – measured from the floor to the top of the equipment.
  • Installation cannot happen in the following locations:
    – Damp, humid, moist areas (e.g. kitchen, bathroom)
    – Places that are too hot or cold (e.g. uninsulated garage)
    – A confined area with poor air circulation (e.g. closed cupboard, wall cavity)

NBN™ Connection Box and optional Battery Backup unit

This equipment is required for FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) technology. If your home connects using a different type of NBN™ technology, you can find out what equipment you’ll need here.

I’m ready to move in to a new home

Buying a home in an NBN™ live area means that you’ll already have everything needed to get connected when you move in! The only thing left to do will be to choose your plan.

If you’re part of an NBN™-ready estate, ask your builder to arrange a pre-installation of NBN™ Connection Box (also known as Network Termination Device or NTD) so you’ll be ready to connect ASAP.

You can request a pre-installation of the NBN™ equipment as soon as the site is secure (lock-up stage) and has power, or where a generator can be used. After you submit a request, NBN Co will contact you to arrange an appointment – be sure to allow a minimum of 20 business days for NBN Co to complete your request.


I am moving home

If you’re about to move in to your new home and you don’t know if the NBN™ is available, the first thing to do is check your address here. If you received the status “Service available at your address” when you checked your address in our NBN™ Coverage Checker – that’s great news! The NBN™ is now available and you can choose your plan.

If you’re eager to get NBN™ and your address is expected to be NBN™-ready within the next 3 months, you can pre-order iiNet NBN™ for a hassle-free switch and we’ll get your order rolling as soon as NBN™ reaches your door. Just pre-order your preferred plan now, then sit back, put your feet up and relax knowing that with iiNet you’ll be joining Australia’s most satisfied NBN™ customers.

Whether you’re moving home or building a new place, by following the steps above you’ll be on your way to being NBN™ ready!

Check if you can get NBN™ now!


  1. Michael Helbig says:

    What a load of BS. I pre-ordered NBN with IiNet more than 6 months ago and remain unconnected. My street is live but only my house (a new build) remains unavailable. My email correspondence has not been answered other than to give me the runaround. I am still waiting to hear back after being told my preorder reference number is not enough for them to use to look into my case. Despite that being my only point of reference received after agreeing to the contract. I subsequently also gave my address again but have not had a response!! You say Iinet customers are the most satisfied? Sort your problems out and get me connected. My street is live and has been for some time. This is unacceptable.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for raising this with us!

      There is likely an infrastructure issue here – sometimes new addresses need to be added into NBN’s own systems and then the required infrastructure, such as lead-in’s, built and run to the premises. This can cause lengthy delays for new premises as we are reliant on NBN to ensure its network is connected to you.

      Our NBN team on 1300 455 806 can help – we’d recommend giving them a call, as they’ll be able to see the status of any current orders as well as your address, so they can raise this with NBN directly on your behalf.

      – Leo

  2. phill warren says:

    when exactly will it be put on in my area.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Phill,

      We had to do a bit of digging here, but according to NBN, your area is scheduled to go live between April and June 2018, with Fibre To The Node as the connection type.

      – Leo

  3. John says:

    I’m in a new estate and had cable installed by the builder as fttp was in the new estate less than 300 m away. We were given fixed wireless NBN what a joke. With download speeds 75% slower than the Australian average and between 4pm and 11pm a snapshot of our download speed is 576 Kbps. FTTP for all this is an outrage.

  4. Fred W Scholten says:

    We will be moving into a newly built NBN-ready home in Everton Park, Brisbane, Everton Terrace, to be precise

    Please tell me when this area will go live.


  5. Dawn says:

    What is NBN?
    A Phone line at home?
    The Internet at home?
    Once connected is a Box supplied to change digital tv into a Smart TV

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Dawn!

      NBN is the next generation of communications infrastructure being rolled out across the country. We have a wealth of articles on the NBN, covering everything that you need to know!

      To answer your questions, NBN is your internet connection, your voice service (running usually over the internet connection) and you can connect a variety of devices to it, including our FetchTV service. It will replace your previous internet connection (usually ADSL) and landline phone as well. There are several different variations and we can suggest a solution that may suit your needs. We’d love to have a chat to you about this, so feel free to get in touch via with your details. We can then have our Sales team have a chat to you to help!

      – Leo