Case study: iiNet BizPhone at Wattle Grove Veterinary Hospital

What sets iiNet BizPhone apart from other hosted phone solutions? Reliable customer service is an important factor! Find out how this product has been helping the team at Wattle Grove Veterinary Hospital in our latest case study.

BizPhone: Keeping small businesses connected to their clients

Tim Oldfield has been a veterinarian and practice owner at Wattle Grove Veterinary Hospital for the past 20 years. When it came to selecting a technology provider, reliability was paramount. Without reliable telephone and internet access, they simply wouldn’t have a business.

“When a client needs to contact us, we need to be available. When we need to give clients updates on their pet, we need to be able to do that without disruption.” says Tim.

That’s why iiNet BizPhone was the right solution for Wattle Grove. With a robust range of features including Call Forward to Mobile, BizPhone allowed Wattle Grove’s clients to arrange care for their pets when it was needed. In fact, BizPhone is just one part of a tailored solution the iiNet Business team developed for the veterinary hospital – they also provide mobile voice and web hosting services.

“Other than face-to-face, iiNet delivers all the platforms we use to communicate with our clients.”

Overall, these technical solutions have improved the way the business works – and it was a sound investment. Tim was pleased that the products have saved the practice money in the long run, and thanks to the iiNet Business team, the upgrade went off without a hitch.

“Network speed and reliability improves year by year. Switching to BizPhone has been seamless in functionality and delivered cost savings, which are always welcome in business.”

iiNet’s dedicated support team delivers the reliability that our customers need. Tim was pleased with how easy it was to get in touch with a real person whenever they had an issue.

“iiNet business support staff are friendly, knowledgeable and work to get any issues sorted as quickly as possible,” says Tim.

All of this creates peace of mind for the team at Wattle Grove so they can focus on delivering vital services to the community.

“I don’t think about our iiNet services very often. To me that means they are doing exactly what I need them to do.”

To find out more about BizPhone and how it can improve your business operations, visit our website or call the iiNet Business Team on 13 86 89.



About the business

A fixture of Welshpool for the past 46 years, Wattle Grove Veterinary Hospital holds a trusted role in the local community. They provide both medical and surgical health care for domestic pets in the surrounding suburbs. Wattle Grove is also one of Australia’s leading exotic animal hospitals with decades of experience in treating birds, reptiles and other unusual pets.

The team at Wattle are committed to fully supporting their clients with sound advice so they can develop a good understanding of health care issues and treatment options for their pets.

For more information, visit the Wattle Grove Veterinary Hospital website.

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