Catch up on some family flicks this Easter

Along with copious amounts of chocolate, Easter time also brings with along with it an abundance of spare time. It’s the time to kick off the shoes and put your feet up in front of the television and watch some films with the family. The dilemma is choosing what to watch. There are so many films out there for all kinds of film buffs, but choosing a great film that the entire family can enjoy is a hard task.

Every house has probably got an action fan, a sci-fi nut, a romantic-at-heart and a comedian in its ranks. Choosing a film which impresses everybody is hard task, and until Hollywood comes out with Love Actually Happens in Space with Bullets starring the 1980s version of Eddie Murphy, the odds are that some compromise is needed.
That’s why we’ve gone ahead and picked five films for the young and young-at-heart to enjoy these Easter holidays courtesy of fetchtv.

Which kid has never wanted to grow up magically overnight? Tom Hanks (in his first Oscar-nominated role) stars as Josh Baskin, the 12 year-old boy in the body of a 30 year-old man. Big has it all from laughs to memorable scenes. Ever since I first saw Big I’ve always thought that kids should be in charge of toy companies and that every home needed its own soft drink vending machine.

It feels odd saying Ratatouille is largely unknown (especially since it made over $600 million at the worldwide box office), but Ratatouille gets lost a little when people talk about the best films to have come out of the Pixar studios. Most of the talk centres on the Toy Story trilogy or Finding Nemo but to me, Ratatouille is right up there with their very best. What other film could make you not mind that a rat wants to be a chef at a Parisian restaurant?

Sky High
Not every film needs to be ‘deep’ or thought-provoking. The makers of Sky High know this. If they didn’t, then they wouldn’t have made a film starring the always-great Kurt Russell about a school in the clouds for potential superheroes and their trusty sidekicks.

Super 8
If your kids are a little older and you don’t mind the thrills, then this is just for you. Produced by Steven Spielberg, Super 8 is a throwback to Spielberg classics like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T. A great cast of kids carry this film on their shoulders and do a remarkable job. Definitely one of my favourites from 2011.

Ghostbusters – I’ll never tire of Ghostbusters. Sure, some of the effects are slightly dated, but the laughs certainly aren’t. I won’t be so outlandish to suggest this is the funniest film ever made, but it’s certainly my favourite comedy. I mean, if it wasn’t for Ghostbusters I wouldn’t be slightly suspicious of marshmallow, and I definitely wouldn’t know that if someone (or something) asks you if you are a god, you should answer “yes”.

Happy viewing, and enjoy your Easter break!


  1. Norman Henley says:

    i do not rate your choice of Easter needs. Easter is NOT Easter eggs and movies. what a pity that you are missing out on the real joy of this fantastic celebration. bless you, Norman.

  2. Don says:

    Relax Norman! and please don’t misrepresent people to make an argument it unnessesarily undermines your own point of view. There was no mention of ‘Easter needs’ and the article promotes compromise and family time, positive values which should be encouraged at Easter as any other time for sure.

    Further there is no implication that the significant events that are celebrated at Easter are undervalued. You seem to have missed the context of this article. It is an advertisement for an iiNet product. That notwithstanding it still promotes more positive values as outlined above than many.

    I would encourage you to find a positive way to promote the importance of the Easter message rather than picking a fight where there isn’t one and making baseless allegations.

    Regarding your claim that ‘Easter is not eggs and movies’, look around you. They are two of the most obvious defining characteristics of the Easter period. What Easter is and what it used to be or should be aren’t the same thing. There is nothing to be gained from denying what people can plainly see.

    The life, death and resurection of Jesus Christ changed the world forever. Despite this apparent season of popular anti religious sentiment his example and teachings underpin the guiding values many hold dear.

    For me this gives rise to the hope that in time people will come to see horrific acts falsely justified by his name and fear of scientific progress as the human failings that they are. Then maybe we can all experiance more of the freedom he intended.

    Happy easter everyone!

  3. kb says:

    bunnies, buns, and movies – my easter break, thanx 4 adding to the fun

  4. Saz says:

    Thanks Norman