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Top Five Horror Games

Visit today is the gaming portal for all iiNet Group customers. Visit for all the latest news and reviews on everything gaming! Halloween is only a few spooky weeks away, and in keeping with the theme of … Continue reading

Aussie Indie Game Spotlight – PAX Picks

I recently had the pleasure of spending a long weekend in Melbourne at PAX Aus 2014, soaking in all the video game goodness the show had to offer. You can read about my full PAX experience here, but long story … Continue reading

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PAX Aus 2014 Wrap-up

This year’s PAX Australia has come and gone in Melbourne, and boy was it an amazing show! Everything from the venue, the panels, the indie game representation and even the weather were even better than last year (which was still … Continue reading

Turmoil or reinvention? Game development in Australia

SEGA Studios Australia has joined a growing list of notable Australian game studios to be shut down in recent years, with a spokesperson for the company announcing in April, “Sadly the Australian studio will be closing its doors later this … Continue reading

The magical world of Minecraft

It’s hard to talk about computer games with kids these days without somebody bringing up Minecraft. In fact, it’s hard to talk about computer games with anybody without someone bringing up Minecraft. With tens of millions of copies sold, the … Continue reading