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Boost your productivity with these power apps

Oh, if only there were more hours in the day! What wouldn’t we give for an extra hour or two to read the paper, learn how to bake, take leisurely walks and sit down to play with the kids…. While … Continue reading

Gesture recognition in video games

Gesture Recognition

The past, present and future of gesture recognition in video games Who would have ever thought that Tom Cruise would have helped define one of gaming’s newest innovations? Once labelled a fad, gesture recognition in gaming is here to stay, … Continue reading

Christmas presents under the tree

The need for games fast and the ghost of Christmas games past

If you haven’t eagerly waited to get your Christmas mitts on a new game, you needn’t read on. The “wait” can be synonymous with video games, and not just in the sense of patience testing load times. But in the … Continue reading