How your household can benefit from Home Wireless Broadband

If you’ve been using the nbn since the day it came out, or you’re still committed to the days of dial-up, you probably aren’t aware of broadband’s newest offering. There’s an alternative to the nbn that can be cheaper and … Continue reading

What is Fetch?

Gone are the days of the humble video shop with scratched CDs and late fees. In the last 10 years, video streaming has blossomed into a better way to watch our favourite shows and movies, alongside the benefits of live … Continue reading

Five tips to keep your modem running smoothly

Keep your modem in tip-top shape with these helpful hints from our care team. Continue reading

It’s easy to switch to iiNet Mobile – and you can even keep your own number

A lot can happen in a few months. New jobs, hobbies, friends – sometimes even homes, states or countries! It can also mean that the phone plan you signed up to way-back-when doesn’t fit with your life anymore. You could … Continue reading

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Two NBN alternatives you may not have heard of

More options are better than one, so – while the NBN is a huge improvement to its predecessor ADSL – it’s great to know that it’s not your only choice for internet. iiNet have two NBN alternatives worth considering during … Continue reading