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What is 5G? The new network explained

The iiNet team answer your 5G questions: What is 5G? How is 5G different to other networks? Is it safe? And more. Continue reading

Mesh WiFi

What is Mesh WiFi – and do you need it?

What would we do without WiFi – that awesome, handy way to connect devices to the internet without any pesky wires? In your home, you might find that your WiFi is stronger in some rooms than others. Perhaps you even … Continue reading

Five tips to keep your modem running smoothly

Keep your modem in tip-top shape with these helpful hints from our care team. Continue reading

It’s easy to switch to iiNet Mobile – and you can even keep your own number

A lot can happen in a few months. New jobs, hobbies, friends – sometimes even homes, states or countries! It can also mean that the phone plan you signed up to way-back-when doesn’t fit with your life anymore. You could … Continue reading

Fibre250: Fibre Internet for SMEs

When you’re running a small business, you need reliable internet service – that much is a given. But have you thought about what else your business needs from its internet service? Does it offer symmetrical bandwidth that can be used … Continue reading