Avoid scam nightmares

As a society, we’ve been using the internet for a while, so most of us know that if an online popup tells us we’ve inherited a billion dollars from our estranged foreign relatives, it’s probably too good to be true. … Continue reading


Privacy Awareness Week 2015

Privacy Awareness Week is held in May each year and is a great reminder for us all to review how we approach privacy and security online. The Internet allows us to do many things that in previous decades we would … Continue reading

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Stay Smart Online: protect your online accounts

Following on from iiNet’s own Security Month in March, Stay Smart Online Week (Monday 2 June to Friday 6 June) is a second chance to update account settings and stay safe and secure online. It is also a great time to … Continue reading


Privacy Awareness Week 2014

This week is Privacy Awareness Week (4 to 10 May), which is held each year to promote awareness of privacy issues and the importance of protection of personal information. iiNet is participating in Privacy Awareness Week as part of our … Continue reading

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Charity Scams

Call it a “first world problem”, but the most tedious part of staying on a boat is the daily mission to lug the previous days’ rubbish to shore. Never-mind the clanking of empty champagne bottles (“jam jars” I awkwardly tell … Continue reading