Protecting your privacy: Our stand against ‘mandatory data retention’

One of the features of the iiNet Copyright Trial was our strong stand against monitoring our customers. The Hollywood Studios believed we should data-match information provided by third parties who were monitoring our customers, and then send warning notices to … Continue reading

Site blocking: Does it work?

To preface this blog, let me point out, yet again, that we think piracy is wrong. This blog is not a ‘how to’ session on copyright infringement, we don’t do that. This is more of an attempt to educate people … Continue reading

What’s the issue with Piracy in Australia?

Another news cycle, and yet again we see the recycled claims suggesting Australia is the worst nation in the world for Internet piracy. This may not actually be the case, but there can be no debate that work still remains … Continue reading

Mobile tech trends from iiNet’s Chief Product Officer

Technology conferences are an exciting opportunity for companies around the world to share the latest in technology innovation and cutting edge advances in mobile hardware and software. These events offer an exclusive insight into where mobile technology is heading and … Continue reading

Copyright or copywrong? The state of copyright in Australia

Tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of the online protests that killed the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the US. On the eve of what activists are calling ‘Internet Freedom Day’, we review the situation in Australia where changes … Continue reading