Technology in the Home

As part of an ongoing series on accessible and everyday technology, we asked Steve Dalby, iiNet’s Chief Regulatory Officer, to give us his thoughts on the evolving presence of tech in our daily lives. Change The world is changing around … Continue reading

iiNet Chief Regulatory Officer Steve Dalby

iiNet withdraws from proposed notice-notice trial scheme

Outdated content delivery models were back in the headlines this week as news outlets reported on iiNet’s decision to decline to participate in a trial being considered in round table talks on copyright issues. These talks have been going on … Continue reading


The role of social media in sport

The role of social media in sport We talked about the impact of social media on sport recently here on the iiNet blog and the topic was front and centre again recently, when I spoke at the Australian and New … Continue reading

Data retention laws make criminals of us all

Data retention proposals make cybercrime suspects of us all

The Federal Government is concerned about cybercrime, which we understand and expect. However, in response to this concern, they’re putting forward a proposal that would oblige ISPs to retain all customer phone and Internet records for up to two years, … Continue reading

The net neutrality debate rages on

Net neutrality – the debate rages on

In the eyes of net neutrality advocates, all data was created equal. They maintain that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) shouldn’t differentiate between the sources of data and that when you type in a website address it should be delivered at … Continue reading