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In a previous article we went over the barebones basics of Twitter, who they are, how it works etc… but there is a lot more discussion to be had about what you can actually do with Twitter.

In this blog we will discuss how to stalk interact with your favourite human beings via the social media platform known as Twitter.

Better interaction through technology

Social media has changed how we interact with each other, and provides opportunities that were not always open to us, such as interacting with the people we admire, talk about and (most of the time) look up to – also known as celebrities.

In the past our interactions with the rich and famous were filtered through the media we consumed, magazines, TV interviews, books etc… Now we can go straight to the source and cut the middle-man out entirely! You can check their Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Vine – whatever your social media flavour is. You can tweet at them and maybe they will even answer you! For example, a friend got a Tweet back from Nigella Lawson once complimenting her baking and had quite a shock!

How do I do this and why do they care?

Famous people tend to have a bit of free time between projects and generally love to build their public profile so there is a likelihood they will respond, or at least see what you are saying. Whether you want to interact with them directly, see what they have been up to, know what they are thinking or if you just want to know what they had for dinner (Instagram is particularly good for this) All you need to do is figure out who you want to follow and search their name in your social media platform of choice and follow them from there – very straight forward.

Things to remember

  • When it comes to interacting on your chosen platform, common sense and standard social norms apply, such as being polite, courteous and treating others how you would like to be treated.
  • Much like real life if you are too aggressive or rude they can simply ignore you (unlike real life they can also ban you).
  • Adapt your language based on who you are talking to. Perhaps go back and see how interactions with others have gone down. If you are on Twitter, try to get to the point as soon as possible and of course, be original.
  • Make sure you aren’t bombarding them with the same questions and witty anecdotes they are likely see on a daily basis anyway.
  • Check to see if you share any interests. You may be following your favourite sports star who happens to also enjoy Magic: The Gathering. Everyone loves to talk about their hobbies and cool famous people are no different!

–      Be patient and persistent and maybe one day you will be graced with words on the internet from someone you worship.

Have fun and don’t expect an answer or interaction every time

Remember you aren’t the only person jumping around and vying for their attention. Some celebs have literally millions of followers! And while not all of them are sending tweets and messages, there is likely to be a very steady stream of words at any given time.

It is also worth mentioning that some celebs are so busy that they don’t actually run their own social media and have an assistant doing it for them. It is likely in this case that the assistant will brief their employer on a somewhat regular basis on the happenings of their social media presence – so it isn’t crazy to think that if you say something cool enough they may just see it. Hang in there buddy, you will get noticed one day and in the meanwhile you’ll have the chance to interact with other fans who are interested in the same movie, book, music or TV series as you.

Do you follow your favourite actor or musician on social media? Have they ever responded to your tweet or comment? Let us know in the comments below!


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