A Charitable Year for iiNet Staff

With 2010 well and truly behind us, we thought we’d share our charitable tale from the past year. Every Friday, our staff  donated their spare change to a wide range of charities, culminating in a grand total of $36,360!

Our chosen charities spanned from well-known agencies like RSPCA, Surf Lifesaving and Lifeline, to individuals in need of a helping hand.

Here are a few highlights from our fundraising efforts.

When news broke of the Haiti earthquake and the devastating loss suffered by the three million victims, we pooled our pennies and raised $566 . While our contribution was a drop in the ocean compared to the magnitude of the disaster, we’re certain it has made life a little easier for some of those in need.

In May, we shook our tins to raise  to buy a new walker for Tayla, the Perth Telethon child of 2009, who had outgrown her existing one. A new walker costs $6,500 and was a financial burden on her family. The staff at iiNet  provided some relief with their generous donation to this cause. 

More recently, we collected funds for Awareness Cambodia. Our compliance manager, Rebecca Moonen, travelled to Cambodia with our $650 cheque and assisted in building houses for five days. The money we raised is going towards the completion of a new orphanage.

We’ve also raised money for Diabetes WA, Jeans for Genes Day and Beyond Blue. We’ve donned pink ribbons for Pink Ribbon Day, yellow daffodils for Daffodil Day, bandannas for National Bandanna Day and our guys have grown mos for Movember.

Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm and hard work. Here’s to an equally charitable 2011!

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