Check out our new and improved iiHelp

At iiNet we’re always working hard to improve our customers’ experience, so we’re pleased to announce the debut of our new and improved iiHelp website!

These handy self-help guides are designed to walk you through common setup and troubleshooting steps for all of your iiNet services, as well as how to use Toolbox, our online customer portal.

Let’s take a look at the change’s we’ve made to make finding the right support advice even easier for you.

Finding guides on iiHelp

We’ve got a wide range of products at iiNet, so finding what you need could be a little tricky. That’s why we’ve overhauled our iiHelp menus to give you a clean, straightforward interface.

The iiHelp home page has four of our most popular guides up front and centre for easy access – Speed Test, Moving Home, Network Status and Orders & Installations.

For other popular queries, we’ve divvied up content into simple categories:


Using the Search tool

Looking for something a little different? Give our improved Search tool a go – you’ll find the search bar at the bottom of the page. Just punch in what you’re looking for and then hit ‘Search’ to get a list of every related iiHelp article. If it’s on iiHelp, you’ll find it with the Search tool.


New ultra-simple troubleshooting guides

It’s hard enough when something goes wrong with your broadband service – you don’t need to get confused by a bunch of techno-babble. That’s why we’ve completely overhauled our core troubleshooting guides for slow speeds, no connection and dropouts for all iiNet broadband services, giving you simple, step-by-step instructions. We’re constantly improving these guides to give you the best experience possible.

If you’re curious, take a peek at some of our most popular guides below. Keep iiHelp in mind if you ever need help with your iiNet services, as these steps may help you get back online:

Still stuck? We’re here to help.

After running through the troubleshooting, there may be times when you need to contact us. For example, we may need to investigate a service fault, or help you run through some advanced troubleshooting. No matter what’s happened, our friendly Support team is ready to help. You can find all of the ways to contact us on our website.

Check out iiHelp


  1. Graham Fittler says:

    This is no use when the internet is unavailable for some reason.
    What we need is people on phones – enough so there isn’t a 1-2 hour wait time.
    How about instituting a call back system so you don’t have to sit and wait ages.

  2. Paul Carney says:

    I have in 10+ years always found your service staff helpful and friendly. Let’s not disguise this. It’s basically a do it yourself instruction.

  3. Carmel Jane Dearing says:

    I’m just wondering if we can get a better plan.Weve been with netspace/iiNet for along time

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Carmel,

      We do recommend having a look at your Toolbox first, as you will be able to change plans there. If this isn’t possible (some older plans won’t allow for it), feel free to have a chat to our teams and we’ll do what we can to help you!

      – Leo

  4. Doesn’t work here NO does it work on my regular account. So my comment is NOT complimentary.

  5. Dawn Devane says:

    Sorry at 84 years of age I just need someone to actually talk to I just get more confused as we go along your old set up with voice activated phone access suited me you MUST have my phone no. Dawn Devane

  6. Ms. M. Raiss says:

    Good Evening, Wow, that all looks very professional and helpful, even to an 84yr old like me. So much to digest.
    My question for you is, when will Broadband be connected to (address redacted) ? and will i be notified by iinet? What changes will that make to my existing Invoice? and connections at Home.
    i.e my Land Line, my WiFi??

    • Leo Yarnold says:


      We’ll update you via SMS and e-mail as this progresses and once the new service is readym, the old one will be disconnected and pro-rata refunds generated for you.

      – Leo

  7. Peter ALLEN Crawley says:

    my modem does not do wifi very well any more and does not accept new logins

  8. Stephen Welch says:

    All the advertising rhetoric is wonderful. So why last Friday did I sit on the phone for 2 hours and 4 minutes waiting for a response to my call to the help line? If you get good service you tell one person; if it’s terrible you tell ten or more people. Not a good result. Some real improvement needed in that area.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      We certainly understand that, Stephen and our team is working hard during this difficult time for all.

      – Leo

  9. Tomoko Hirose says:

    Hi I just sign up Netflix. But not with your contact.
    I try to watch some drama.
    However, started n soon WiFi not connect.
    And my IPhone is still connecting same WiFi.
    And no problem why is this happen?
    I try restart my Laptop. Then reconnect to Netflix
    It still happen same.
    What is wrong it?

  10. Lois HARVERSON says:

    Seems really good but I will be a better judge when I first need it. However, congratulations on the effort.

  11. Kaz Herbst says:

    Hello iiNet people – all seems good, I would suggest you include a reference to “” for when we receive those suspect account requests – Kaz

  12. Susan Watson says:

    I have been extremely frustrated with our slow internet speeds. I have tried to contact your Help by phoning at various times on random days over a couple weeks. Sometimes I waited for more than an hour and a half and just gave up. On other occasions the phone dropped out, my call wasn’t answered or a voice message told me that it couldn’t be answered due to high volumes of calls. Why have you such high volumes of queries with long waiting times?
    I also checked on line through your chat messaging. Again I had to wait in the queue of over 130 other chat callers. When I finally I was answered, I was given a few options how to improve our speeds! I was asked to turn off all appliances that were using WIFI thro our Internet. I did this then the call was terminated. Once this happened I needed to start all over again. It’s system of failure for the client.
    I have wasted so much time trying to contact you and it is impossible to get help. Our speeds continue to be the same and we never consider downloading programmes as the internet is too slow.
    Your new system seems only to put the onus back on the client to fix problems.

  13. kim says:

    iF YOU CAN OFFER ME DOUBLE the limit during the lockdown, why can you not offer this all the time? I am on a satellite connection.


    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Kim,

      We’ve offered the extra data as part of an initiative that NBN have done, with them opening up their network to allow for extra data.

      – Leo

  14. Jill Wran says:

    OK! Looks good. how do I get more data urgently when I have used 100% for this month???

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Jill,

      You’re always able to login to the iiNet Toolbox and add more data or change plans there.

      – Leo

  15. Joseph says:

    this is a great step forward

  16. Pamela McGarigle says:

    I have been extremely disappointed with the lack of support from iiNet during my recent mobile phone malfunction. My phone did not work for 2 weeks and every time I tried to contact iiNet for support I was told to try this and this and this over a period of 3 days. After the 3 days I demanded a new SIM as it was obvious that was the problem. I spoke to Jamie Lee who was very apologetic and informed me i would not be charged for the new SIM as my phone had been out of action for half a month. To make matters worse my new SIM was not ordered immediately but 4 days later which prolonged it’s delivery to me by nearly a week. Next I was sent a bill for the new SIM….unbelievable!!!!! As a courtesy iiNet should have offered me a reduction in my current bill..on top of this I have not heard from iiNet to acknowledge my dilemma.

  17. Mrs Roberta Smith says:

    I need to update my iphone and was looking to connect to Optus. I have no complaints with Iinet.I need to connect to one of the telecommunication companies. the reason being I want an iphone that will activate a call for help (I am 78years old) and my current phone does not have that ability (too old). I tried to buy a phone and plan from Optus but was unable to do so, because they wanted a C I D number from Iinet to enable the change over. Iinet was unable to supply that C I D number. i really need that facility on my Iphone so how do I go about getting the change done from Iinet to either, Telstra, Optus or Vodaphone?

  18. Paul says:

    Absolute crap. IiNet is working hard to avoid having any conversation at all with its customers. The ‘handy self-help pages’ will take you down an endless maze of circular references, blind alleys and lengthy holds. The only way to improve your iiNet service is to cancel it and go find another provider!

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Paul,

      We understand what you’re saying, but we certainly do not agree!

      The point of these pages is to empower our customer’s to help themselves, to increase their knowledge about their services and to allow them to be able to resolve issues quickly, without having to need to call through. We’ll still be here, but we strongly believe that teaching a person to fish is much better then just giving them the fish in the first place!

      – Leo

  19. ralph proleta says:

    I do have a small querie if you could clarfy for me,,, I have no record of the amount I was charged for my last months costs for my phones so could you advise me of the total of that costs.

    Thank you

  20. Catherine Baker says:

    How do I get a Voip phone set up

  21. Have been with iinet for more than a few years, and truly believe your support team is your most valuable asset. Please do not disturb them.Or if you’ll accept my suggestion – don’t fix what ain’t broken.

  22. michael bittman says:

    dear team,just recently connected to NBN.received a letter from you with all details new password,user name etc.Before I had a chance to recorded down,I have misplaced the letter you send me.Could you please send me a letter again?thanks a million.Michael

  23. Millicent Reed says:

    For shame, iiNet. I’ve stuck with you through endless takeovers because you promised a real help desk with real people. Now you’re making me be my own problem solver, and no doubt sacking staff when every job is precious. I’m not too sure what I’m paying for, other than simply being connected

  24. Marinus Pieck says:

    Impressed with the new presentation and layout of your iiHelp. It is very clearly setout and will no doubt be of much assistance to iiNet users.

  25. Ken Ravenscroft says:

    Well improvement was needed, after 12 years with iiNet it’s now gone to another place, not a good place, after nearly two months of trying to get help, to no avail they claim, new and improved, well just about to move houses so it another provider for us, moving on from iiNet.

  26. Michael More says:

    You will have a record of my usage, including Fetch. Would you please have a look at my account with a view to reducing the Monthly cost. Many thanks. Michael More.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Michael,

      We can always help and Toolbox is the ideal place to see what your usage is, as well as look to change plans. Login with your details at and you’ll be able to view your current volume usage there, as well as look at the current plan change options for you.

      – Leo

  27. peter bolger says:

    I have always found iiNet easy to be reached on phone within just a couple rings of your phone to speak to very help operators.thank you regards peter.

  28. Michael Turner says:

    Hi Gina have sold my house and moving into next phase of my life Retirement yea! so need to find out bout final bill up to and inclusive to 20 May 2020 cheers

  29. Ian Day says:

    Can I block Spammers?
    How is the “Spam” icon used?
    I send spam emails to it, but they keep coming.
    When it gets too full, I delete the emails.
    It makes no difference, they keep coming.
    Over 80% of my mail is spam.
    Is that about normal?

  30. Alan Pennell says:

    I am not receiving incoming calls on my landline from “Optus phones”. I had this problem long before Christmas last year and after weeks and weeks of phone calls I finally visited head office in Hay St Subiaco. I got to talk to a lovely gentlemen whom I believe was called Marco. The problem was resolved within a couple of days. This was back in January. As I said earlier the problem has returned and I started to make all the correct phone calls but all I got was people not listening to me, putting me on hold, not reading previous notes, asking me to reboot modem ad nauseam. I took a trip to Subiaco again but unfortunately it was shut (virus). PLEASE help me.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Alan,

      We are sorry to hear this! If this remains unresolved, please feel free to reach out to us via our Social Media e-mail address: Please include your details and mention your post here, so we can then reference it.

      – Leo

  31. Tina O'Brien says:

    IInet is going the same way as our supermarkets – self check-out, pack your own bags but no reduction in prices. Why bother at all. We arwe NOT trained in TECH.

  32. Allan Marshall says:

    At home I have the old neighbourhood cable I am quite comfortable with it for download speed. “But when I use my laptop away from home then I am with out internet access what can you do for might have to look at my old email address (redacted).

  33. Prue Fitzpatrick says:

    It’s concerning me that I am getting spam/scam iiNet invoices (” we cannot process your payment, give us your details…..”) They come in monthly and now coincide with my legitimate invoices and statements from you. Their logo etc has been perfected to look very similar now.
    Would like you to have them removed from my email.

  34. David Hults says:

    As a very long term iiNet customer, I have reached the stage where I now want to seek an alternative internet provider. I am inundated with phishing spam from the same source each day. I have sought to be able to block these emails but have been advised it is not possible. Other providers are willing and able to do so. Why not iiNet?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi David,

      We very much understand your frustration as dealing with spam and phishing e-mails is one of the real challenges that our team of engineers face on a daily basis.

      We have more information, here:


      To be clear, these sorts of e-mails will never completely disappear, but we work very hard to try to minimise the amount of spam that flows in at any given time. We use commercial filtering solutions that work very well for us, but as more aggressive and accurate filtering is put in place, spam and phishing scams evolve to find ways around them. We’ll continue to do our very best to reduce the impact to our customers to as near zero as possible!

      – Leo

  35. Ernie Burgess says:

    OK, now you’ve made your customers responsible for their own technical support – so that you can disband your Customer Service team? Now there’s no escalation point when your customers reach the end of your pathetic online technical support, and are sick of wasting half a day or more every time they need to ring your support line. Your own staff have told me that the Customer Service team no longer exists because they are in lockdown and all disconnection calls are to be transferred to Billing. Well mine isn’t a disconnection issue (but there’s no provision for any other issues) – and much of the world is in some sort of lockdown right now and you think it’s a good time to get rid of the ONLY escalation point you had in your dismal service offering? My issue has been ongoing for over a month and you just don’t care. Iinet is a disgrace to the industry. I’m referring my issue to the Ombudsman – perhaps HE can get a response out of you. Want a reference number? Here are a few – knock yourself out (I have more…) 346164974; 346172957; 346369100; 346369109; 346172110.
    This site is not about enabling – it’s all about avoidance. Avoiding speaking to customers, avoiding sorting out issues, avoiding ANY sort of responsibility.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Ernie,

      Thanks for your feedback, we do appreciate you taking the time to leave it.

      Our Help pages exist to allow everyone to able to help themselves and go through basic troubleshooting steps. We see this as being the first steps that a customer can take to resolve the far majority of issues that are encountered daily. From there, if the guides don’t help to resolve a problem that a customer may come across, then our Support team is always able to help.

      If you are unhappy with the support offered by our teams, or have any other issue, then we do have a set escalation process, available, here:

      You might be thinking of our Customer Relations team and they’re very much still available. Customer Relations are the highest point of escalation available to our customers within the company, as per the process mentioned above, sitting above managers and able to work one on one with you to resolve any concerns that you may have. In fact, we can see from the task numbers that you’ve listed, that you’ve made contact with our teams via Social Media and this very process has been put into play for you with assistance requested. We absolutely encourage customers to make use of this process, as it does often result in a far quicker outcome than turning to an external agency, though we do respect the choice to go down that path should you choose to do so.

      Either way, we’re here to help and there are always avenues open to you for assistance.

      – Leo

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