How to choose the right broadband plan for your household

It can be overwhelming choosing a broadband plan. Speed? Quota? ADSL, Naked DSL, mobile broadband, fibre… there’s so many to choose from.

And what does it all mean? How do you know which one is right for you? Luckily, iiNet is here to help. Whether you’re a new customer signing up, or an existing customer who just needs to update their plan, we’ll help you choose what’s best. There are a few important things to consider in choosing a broadband plan.

The number of people and devices that will need to connect to the internet

Someone living alone is likely to use the internet a lot less than a large family. Secondly, you’ll need to consider how many devices will be connected? Again, a single, shared PC is going to use a lot less than a house where there’ll be a desktop, three laptops, four smart phones and two tablets all being used while someone’s watching the smart TV and someone else is gaming online with their console.

For example, at my house, it’s just my partner and I – however, between the two of us, we have quite a few devices that are connected. On any given day his desktop computer, my laptop, my tablet, both our smart phones and a gaming console can be connected for browsing, gaming, downloading, streaming and updating. We’ll probably need a bit of quota to accommodate this!

What do you use the internet for?

Maybe you only occasionally check your emails and do a bit of light browsing, or maybe the main use for the internet in your household is for the kids to do their homework and assignments. Emails, browsing and social media don’t use a whole lot of quota. If that’s what the majority of your internet usage consists of, you’ll only need a plan with a small quota.

But if there are more active members of your household online you’ll need a larger quota to ensure you don’t get shaped. You may also need faster speeds to accommodate any large files that need to uploaded or download.

For example, is there an avid photographer in the house who’s constantly uploading their latest high-resolution shots? Are videos being streamed non-stop? Or perhaps you’ve got a keen gamer in the house who stays up all night to play against friends in other countries.

Basically, if there’s a lot of downloading, streaming, gaming and everything in between happening at your place, you’ll need a higher-quota plan.

The right plan for me

I spend most of my time on the internet on social media, but I also stream a lot of music. My boyfriend spends a lot of his time gaming and we watch a lot of catch-up TV online. We download a couple of movies a month and sometimes a TV series. We both work from home occasionally and spend a few hours a night online after we get home from work. Our usage varies from month to month depending on what we’ve been doing, but we find the Home-2 plan with 200GB is perfect for us. We’ve never exceeded our quota – though sometimes we come close! It’s also nice knowing we have the option to add a data pack or upgrade our plan at any time if we need it.

The right plan for you

Once you’ve figured out whether you’re a light, medium or heavy user, it’s time to pick a plan. Lucky for you, we’ve created a nifty little tool to help you figure out which plan suits your household.

Head to the Broadband Plans page on the iiNet website, and enter your address. We’ll show you what we can provide in your area so you can make your selection from what’s available.

From there you can pick your quota and any extras you’d like to bundle, such as your home phone, or a VoIP service.  If you’re in an area with our off-net services, you also get to choose your speed, depending on what will suit you best. If you’re in an on-net area, you’ll also get the option of Naked DSL.

Naked provides the same ADSL2+ speeds as our standard broadband plans, but without a phone line (you get a nifty internet-based phone service instead!).

We also offer Mobile Broadband for light users or those who want the convenience of being able to take their iiNet service wherever they go.

If you’re still having trouble choosing, never fear – we’ve got a handy little plan selector available on our website. Enter your address, answer a few quick questions about your internet usage, and we’ll recommend a plan for you.

If you’re still not sure what plan to choose or which service would be best, we’ve got a 24/7 Sales team who are always more than happy to help, and you can reach them on 13 19 17.


  1. Carl Pinner says:

    My wife had the 200gb plan for $79.95pm it used to be good and pretty fast. I myself play a lot of online games on PS3 lately speeds have been so slow and laggy. We are looking to go to another service provider.

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Carl,

      Have you attempted any troubleshooting with out Support Team (13 22 58)?
      Speed issues can be caused by a number of things and it’s best to try to isolate the problem and therefore make it easy to rectify.


    • chris griffiths says:

      Hi, I don’t know what your iinet setup is but recently I had the same problems, ie, slow speed and losing my internet connection altogether.
      I started troubleshooting and replaced the ADSL+2 inline filter and everything was great again, I had been having slow and intermittent connections for a few weeks until I decided to do something about it. This was 3 weeks ago and since replacing the filter I have not had a problem.

      • Amy Pearce says:

        Hi Chris,

        That is great news.

        We suggest making sure all your devices running directly off the phone line are filtered and checked regularly.