Clean NRG Solar case study: BizPhone changes business for the better

Switching to a hosted phone solution is a small change that can have a BIG impact on your business. Find out what one customer has to say in this case study of how iiNet BizPhone has helped operations at Clean NRG Solar, a family-run solar energy equipment supplier in Western Australia.

BizPhone: meeting the needs of a business

When your current phone system just isn’t meeting your needs, it’s time to make a change.

“We’ve been an iiNet customer for a little over 12 months, when we moved in to these premises we took a punt on the BizPhone service. We’ve got 8 phones in here, and we’ve got 8 lines as well, which is great. Our previous system, we had 8 phones – but we only had 4 lines,” says Craig Donohue, Managing Director at Clean NRG Solar.

“So often we’d be running out of lines, but now with BizPhone we’ve got 8 lines with the 8 phones, which is unbelievable. They transfer between each other very easily and very well. The guys have got used to using them and they work really well.”

For small businesses like Clean NRG, the phone line is the lifeline of the business and it’s usually the primary source of incoming customer enquiries. In today’s world, making sure that customers have a pleasant and professional experience over the phone can set your business apart from the pack. Not only can iiNet BizPhone provide the number of phone lines you need at a reasonable price, it can also give you access to a range of professional features.

“The functionality is great. We’ve got our Music on Hold, whereas on our old phone system that was an optional extra. We’ve got the Cordless now, which wasn’t available on our old phone system,” says Craig.

“We’re a small company but we want to be seen as a professional company. So perhaps we’d like to use the function where a caller is asked ‘If you’d like to speak to Sales press 1, if you’d like to speak to Accounts press 2, if you’d like to speak to Marketing, press 3.’ On the weekend, we have the proper weekend message, after hours we have an after-hours message, before hours we could have another message. I want to streamline that whole process.”

There’s no doubt that BizPhone’s great features can help businesses create a better professional image for themselves and improve customer experience, but what about the experience dealing with iiNet as a telecommunications provider? Craig has been very pleased with the support he’s received from the iiNet Business Team so far.

“It’s been a pleasant experience with iiNet. It’s been a good experience to have. You guys are a national company, but you feel like a local company… any little problems, they’ve been on to it and they’ve been sorted. 10/10 for that.”

And best of all? With unlimited standard calls to Australian landlines and mobiles, Clean NRG Solar isn’t just operating more smoothly with BizPhone – they’re saving money, too.

“It doesn’t matter how many phone calls we make, we’ll still get the same phone bill every month. We’ve saved about 40% on our phone bill.”

To find out more about iiNet BizPhone and what it can do for your business, visit our website or call the iiNet Business Team on 13 86 89.


About the business

Clean NRG Solar is family-run business that was founded in 2010. The team is passionate about renewable energy and they want to get as many people involved in solar (and as many solar panels on roofs) as they can in Western Australia.

“What we like to do is offer a bespoke service. We will look at each house, each roof and maximise the yield from that roof and talk to the client. Do they need it during the morning, do they need it during the day or in the afternoon? And we’ll install the solar panels to fit their profile, fit their roof, for purpose,” says Craig.

The Clean NRG team value quality work, value-for-money and a job well done. They’re also proudly picky about their vendors and suppliers, making sure that they’re financially stable and a good company to deal, so customers can be confident that product support and warranties will be looked after.

For more information, visit Clean NRG Solar’s website.