Club Red wraps up for 2010

Did you know you can save up to three lives with a blood donation? And up to 17 with a plasma donation? Our staff are well aware and put their forearms to the task of donating as part of our Club Red program.

With a monthly rotating roster of volunteers we bundle our willing staff into the special ‘Club Red’ minivan and take an excursion to the Perth Red Cross blood bank for our last monthly blood drive for 2010.

While iiNet’s Club Red is just a drop in an ocean, we know that our staff contribution from across our Australia call centres can mean a lot to someone whose life depends on it. Currently the Australian Red Cross statistics show one in three people need blood and yet only one in 30 give blood.

Some of our staff have even signed on to donate blood plasma – a much longer procedure involving separating the plasma from the extracted blood –  with results that last longer and go further to help people.

Two of our regular donors Deanne Ketting and Chris Magson said they enjoyed donating because they knew one day a blood donation could save their own lives – and they get to spend some time off the phones for the day. “But the truth is it’s all about helping those who need it,” Chris explains, “You save lives”.

We would like to encourage our customers and followers to also sign on to save lives. Simply head to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service site, take the eligibility test and start donating.

It will mean the world to someone.

One comment

  1. Andrew Mansfield says:

    About 10 years ago my dad had to have quadruple heart bypass surgery – The surgery went well but he developed a blood infection.

    This infection could not be removed through the use of drugs, it could only be done by flushing his blood every day with new plasma (or elements of it ) – In his time in hospital he used up all the supplies of Tasmaina’s plasma and ate into a fair bit of Victoria’s supplies.

    Without the donation of the plasma from these amazing selfless people my dad would not be alive today. So I made a commitment to myself to give something back and I make regular plasma donations. (every 6 weeks or so – you can donate more frequently because you get your red cells back)

    I encourage everyone who can donate to donate – It doesn’t hurt and as it says above it can save so many lives.

    ..and to top it off, you get a milkshake and party pie at the end!