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It’s that time of year again when we sit down and choose some goals we want to aspire to in the New Year! With a new year and decade ahead, it’s the perfect opportunity to look back and learn from the last few years and better ourselves for the future and reach those goals! Unfortunately, only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions, with the remainder giving up before January 12 (that’s before you’re even reading this!).

If you commonly set goals each year but just can’t seem to stay on track with them, or you find yourself setting the same goals year after year, it may be time for a new approach. This month is not only the first month of 2020 but it’s also International Creativity Month. We’ve taken on the creative spin and come up with some new resolutions to get you started.

The best goals are the easiest ones. Pick something you WANT to do, something you will make time to do, and a fun way to do it. How do these sound?

Get out and explore nature

Is one of your resolutions to join the gym or start exercising? Make it exciting and take the pledge to get out into nature more often, whether it’s exploring, camping or just walking. Getting out for a walk and some fresh air can improve your sleep, help you to release stress and lower anxiety levels, increase your happiness, and improve your fitness levels. You don’t have to just march one foot in front of the other, grab a friend and go on a hike, explore a new area or try Geocaching! If you haven’t heard of Geocaching before, here’s everything you need to know.

Wake up earlier for some ‘you’ time

You’d be amazed how differently starting the day can be when you’re not rushing out the door. Set your alarm fifteen minutes earlier each day and wake up so you have time for you. Before your daily routine begins, grab your book and read a few pages with a cup of coffee, sit with your pets, stretch or just dawdle around in your PJs and enjoy your ‘morning me time’.

Invent and host an event

Here’s where you can let your imagination run wild. Create a day, a theme and a purpose for the day and invite your nearest and dearest over to celebrate. Before you know it, it will be an annual tradition.

Mix it up in the kitchen

Do you find yourself always eating your go-to meals? Expand your cooking skills and try a new recipe once a month. This will increase your love of food and expand your skills in the kitchen. Try new ingredients, new cuisines, and new methods to create some new favourite meals.

Commit to 100 days of creativity

100 days is an easier milestone than 365. In April you can join people around the world in The 100 Day Project as they explore their creativity and complete a project one piece at a time each day over a 100 day period. It’s a short term goal with an end goal – the perfect resolution.

Complete regular acts of kindness

A random act of kindness, no matter how small, can make a stranger’s day. Take it upon yourself to do a selfless act that benefits someone else on a regular basis. It can be a donation, a meal for the homeless, stopping to hold the door open for others, or simply smiling at someone and asking how their day is. If you’re looking for some inspo, check out these Aussie acts of kindness here.

Learn something new

Do you have a list of things you wished you could try or learn how to do? Now’s the time! Whether it’s sewing, photography, changing a tyre, or learning how to make kombucha – make 2020 the year of learning.

Talk to strangers

When we have a routine it’s easy to jump on the train or bus and throw ourselves into a book or block out the world around us with our headphones. Challenge yourself to talk to strangers on your commute, in a line, on your daily walk to grab a coffee. As Kio Stark says – these conversations are “beautiful interruptions” that can lead to genuine connection.

Throw a dart on a map and travel to the location

If you want to make one of your resolutions to travel or book a holiday and you have the means to do so, this one is for you! Don’t limit yourself to the popular tourist destinations. Add a dash of adventure to your next holiday and let world decide where you’re headed.

Do you have a creative 2020 New Year’s resolution? Share it with us in the comments.

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