Customer service that bowls you over

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Earlier this week we announced that we were the first Internet provider to deliver the hat-trick of NBN services ­ fibre, wireless  and satellite. I’m happy to say that we’ve bowled another hat-trick ­this time for our customer service.

Canstar Blue (the people who compile customer satisfaction ratings and tell the world about it) have awarded Westnet with the Most Satisfied Customers Award for ADSL broadband.

iiNet and Internode followed closely behind, meaning we took out the top three places. Howzat!

It’s always nice to receive recognition for the things we place such a strong focus on, like customer service, and the best thing about the Canstar Blue Award is that it’s voted on by you ­ the customers.

We’ve also recently been recognised by the folk at Roy Morgan with their research finding that Internode, iiNet and Westnet also took out the top three spots for the inaugural Home Internet Service Provider of the Year Award.

As a business that began in CEO Michael Malone’s garage, we’ve come a long way in terms of our size and the services that we offer. One thing that’s remained the same is our promise to differentiate with awesome customer service. We are passionate about connecting people to the Internet and even more so about helping people realise the potential of their connection.

Take the BoBsquad for example, it’s an initiative that takes the customer service we’re famous for into the homes of our customers to set up and demonstrate how gadgets and devices can be maximised with an Internet connection.

We’ve also got the Learn with iiNet workshop program (Perth only for now) which sees us hold two workshops each month to teach Internet and computer skills to those who are tackling technology for the first time.

Going that extra mile is what we do and what we pride ourselves on. It’s nice to see that our customers are sharing their satisfaction and helping us grow our trophy cabinet.

If you’re interested in checking out what other awards we’ve scooped up recently, check out our website. Here’s to continued awesome customer service!



  1. Malcolm Popplewell says:

    Fantastic customer service….unless like me you’ve had line speed problems for the last six months and it now sits at less than when I first raised the issue. If you had a line speed averaging 5.5 to 6 meg which then went to 2.9 meg, would you be happy??

  2. jibs says:

    I like iinet. But super long wait times for phone service doesn’t bowl me over.

  3. Brian says:

    I have just re-logged a fault with iiNet that you keep closing without resolution. What kind of customer service is that?? (see quoted text below:
    “Dear iiNet Support Crew,


    The iiNet WEBMAIL LOGIN PAGE IS CURRENTLY PARTIALLY ENCRYPTED. The login page clearly should be (and once was), fully encrypted. The webmail login page CURRENTLY CONTAINS MIXED CONTENT.

    Please see the two attached screen shot images of the warnings raised by a web browser.

    Please also explain why, iiNet have CLOSED THIS UNRESOLVED FAULT TWICE.

    This fault was first logged using the recycled TASK NUMBER: *********, on Sunday, 19 February 2012. It was subsequently closed without resolution on Monday, 02 April 2012.

    This fault was LAST LOGGED as TASK NUMBER: *********, last Thursday, 05 April 2012, at 09:47am.

    The fault was closed yesterday; Thursday, 12 April 2012, again, without resolution.

    I trust that this has simply been an oversight rather than a deliberate attempt to ignore a SECURITY ISSUE that affects ANY iiNet user wishing to use the webmail login page. There are many times when it is necessary to use the webmail portal.

    Do I have to quote to iiNet again, the vunerabilities of such a situation? I refer you to the following page at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF):

    I now refer you to a section within, at the above EFF web page address, titled; “Mixed Content”, which states:
    Mixed Content

    When hosting an application over HTTPS, there can be no mixed content; that is, all content in the page must be fetched via HTTPS. It is common to see partial HTTPS support on sites, in which the main pages are fetched via HTTPS but some or all of the media elements, stylesheets, and JavaScript in the page are fetched via HTTP.

    This is unsafe because although the main page load is protected against active and passive network attack, none of the other resources are. If a page loads some JavaScript or CSS code via HTTP, an attacker can provide a false, malicious code file and take over the page’s DOM once it loads. Then, the user would be back to a situation of having no security. This is why all mainstream browsers warn users about pages that load mixed content. Nor is it safe to reference images via HTTP: What if the attacker swapped the Save Message and Delete Message icons in a webmail app?

    You must serve the entire application domain over HTTPS. Redirect HTTP requests with HTTP 301 or 302 responses to the equivalent HTTPS resource.

    Some site operators provide only the login page over HTTPS, on the theory that only the user’s password is sensitive. These sites’ users are vulnerable to passive and active attack.

    Your organisation can simply fix this issue by correcting an html coding oversight for the iiNet webmail login page.


    The next response from iiNet that I wish to see, should be one informing me that the issue is resolved and, I should then be able to visit the page and see that it is clearly fully encrypted.

    Yours sincerely,

    I’m concerned that iiNet is losing touch as it grows.

    So please, show us some real customer service.

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Brian,

      As they are account-identifying information, I have had to remove the two task numbers listed there. I have however taken a look at both tasks and would like to report that while the customer-facing task is closed, the internal fault for this issue is still currently open and under investigation by our Operations Centre. Once it has been looked at and resolved, the customer service representative who has been looking after this will contact you to inform you the outcome.


  4. John Byrnes says:

    “Dear iiNET, Can you please send me via email “as technical as possible explanation” of what when wrong on 11/11/2017-14/11/2017 when all main iiNET corporate URLs (except for TOOLBOX and Blog) were reduced to dysfunctional text-only webpage view … thus preventing things like logging in to webmail. By comparing with others affected it at first seemed to me that this might have only been happening to people in Sydney area, Australia – and moreover who were connecting to internet via Telstra. However after some days of this non-functionality and having to find other means to communicate I also got told that some in France and Germany were also seeing the main iiNET webpages as text-only. Any idea how many or how widely the effect had hold please? Regards, John”

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi John,

      Brianna here! We spoke about this recently on the iiNet Facebook page – Feel free to comment back on our thread if you’re still experiencing issues or would like us to clarify on anything further.

      – Brianna