Data packs and Anytime quota on the menu for iiNet

We’ve been busy bees this year pursuing some great new products that have been on our customers’ wish lists. We kicked things off in February with the release of Data Packs and have kept the ball rolling with the recent release of Anytime Quota. Here’s some info on what’s changed and other good news to come.

Anytime Quota

Until now our plan quotas have been split into peak and off-peak times, but on eligible plans we’ll now be combining the two quotas to create a new Anytime Quota. On a current 100GB+100GB plan? Your plan will now be 200GB anytime.

I suppose you could compare it to getting your lotto winnings all paid out in one hit rather than having it spread out over time. If you want to spend it all on day one to get that Lamborghini collection, and not leave enough to pay for the groceries, then you should be able to!

In short, Anytime Quota gives you more to use when you want to use it. It’s just a good way of offering more value while making things simpler in the process, creating a more hassle-free online experience.

We’ve already flicked the switch for all customers on current On-Net Naked and ADSL2+ iiNet, Westnet and Netspace plans, both residential and business. Meanwhile, customers on grandfathered On-Net plans can change to our new anytime plans via toolbox.

Check out the plans on the Anytime Quota web page.

Data Packs

We all have those months where we’ll use the ‘net a lot more than usual, only to find our download speeds have been shaped. Maybe you were just going through one of those phases of watching obscene amounts of hurling montages on YouTube (that’s the sport hurling). If this is an “every month” occurrence, it might be worth considering an upgrade. When it doesn’t happen very often however, a data pack will allow you to add extra data on an ad-hoc basis to get yourself unshaped or, better yet, to avoid being shaped at all.

All of our current-plan Naked, ADSL2+ and ADSL1 customers on iiNet, Westnet and Netspace have been able to add data packs through their toolbox.

Take a look at our Data Packs web page.

More Good News

Beyond new products, we’ve also taken 36 new exchanges under our wing, which means more customers than ever can have access to On-Net ADSL2+.

It’s been a busy year so far, and we’re only just getting started. For more information on the latest developments, check out our media release.


  1. Jack Cola says:

    Being on a grandfathered plan, I don’t think I will spend an extra $10 per month to get the anytime quota for the same about of GB per month.

  2. happy customer says:

    Fantastic! Thanks very much!

  3. Scott says:

    Bad news if your still on an exchange that only supports off-net adsl, no anytime quota glory for us, we are still forced to exist in the peak no peak limbo, in the vain hope that one day we too may be included in an exchange upgrade to iinetwork adsl2+.

    Sort of makes you feel a little discriminated against, sad face…

  4. Where's the new usage meter? says:

    Will there be a new usage meter?

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Our usage meters are currently developed and maintained by the community, so it will be up to the developers of them to update. However it looks like this one (by Whirlpool User mpot) should be updated for anytime usage already.


  5. John says:

    This is great news. No more worries about exceeding the peak usage. My friend on Westnet will also be very pleased.

  6. Chandler says:

    I’m with you Jack Cola – this is awesome stuff, but I don’t want to switch to the current plans – I’m like you on a legacy plan (Naked DSL Home 3 – 75/75GB peak/offpeak), and if I went onto a similar current plan (Naked Home 1 – 100GB anytime), I’d get 33% LESS quota for the SAME PRICE!

    In my opinion, iiNet got rid of too many options when they restructured their plans: for Naked DSL, they went from 6-7(?) plans to 3. I know it streamlines things on their end, but we need something to bridge the gap between 100GB and 400GB – oh and fix either the pricing or quota’s so people like me aren’t giving up a third of their quota just for a couple of simple features… It’d be interesting to see how many legacy customers have switched to current plans (by choice).