You don’t have to call us when you can do it online in Toolbox

You don’t have to wait on the phone when you need to make a quick change to your account – thanks to Toolbox, managing your account online is easy! If you’re not familiar with Toolbox, here’s a handy guide on how you can quickly do the following tasks without having to call us up:

  • Logging in to Toolbox
  • Updating your credit card or bank details
  • Requesting an invoice extension
  • Updating your contact details
  • Changing your broadband plan

Logging in to Toolbox

You can log in to Toolbox through our website, or you might want to add to the bookmarks in your web browser so you can visit Toolbox in just a click or two.

When logging in to Toolbox, it’s important to use the username and password for a broadband service on your iiNet account. If you’re a Mobile-only customer, you’ll have a single iiNet email address to use for Toolbox access. If you log in with the username and password for an extra mailbox that isn’t a broadband service, you won’t see a lot of features – it was designed this way so you can safely create mailboxes for children or housemates without giving them the ability to change your account.

You can find your broadband username on your monthly iiNet invoice. If can’t remember your password, you can use our password recovery tool and then write it down for safekeeping.

Updating your credit card or bank details

Updating your payment details can be a pain when your credit card has expired or you’ve changed banks. Thankfully, you can update your payment details in just a few minutes by using Toolbox.

  • Log in
  • Select Bills & Payments
  • Select Update payment details
  • Select either Credit Card or Direct Debit
  • Enter your new details and hit Save.

Need more detail? Check out Updating your payment details in Toolbox on iiHelp.

Requesting an invoice extension

It can happen to anyone – maybe a surprise bill left you skint until next pay week, or perhaps you’re just worried a BPAY payment won’t clear before the due date. If you ever need a quick extension on your monthly iiNet invoice, don’t stress – you can request a 7-day extension in Toolbox.

  • Log in
  • Select Bills & Payments
  • Hit Request Extension next to the outstanding invoice
  • Hit Confirm.

Need more details? Check out Paying or extending and invoice in Toolbox on iiHelp.

Updating your contact details

Whether your mobile number has changed or you’d like your monthly iiNet invoices to be sent to a different email address, you can quickly edit an existing contact listed on your account in Toolbox.

  • Log in
  • Select My Account
  • Select Update contact details
  • Hit Edit next to the contact you’d like to update
  • Change the contact details as required
  • Hit Update.

Need more detail? Check out Updating your contact details in Toolbox on iiHelp.

Changing your broadband plan

A lot of broadband providers will lock you into a specific broadband plan for full length of your contract, with hefty fees if you ever want to switch. Not us! You can change your plan any time you like. It’s easy to view available plans for your iiNet products in Toolbox and make the switch online.

  • Log in
  • Select My Products
  • Select the type of product you’d like to change – Broadband, Phone or Mobile
  • If you have more than one service, make sure the correct username is selected from the Product drop-down menu
  • Select Change plan
  • Select your plan from the list of available options
  • Hit Switch to this plan
  • Check out the summary of the changes and hit Confirm if you’re happy to go ahead.

Need more detail? Check out Changing your broadband plan in Toolbox on iiHelp.

For even more guides on stuff you can do in Toolbox such as retrieving your invoice records and monitoring your usage, check out Using Toolbox on iiHelp.


  1. George says:

    Can you change to international roaming via toolbox or are you still concerned abut user billing. Surely a box to tick will be enough

    • Gina Thompson says:

      Hi George, it’s possible to deactivate International roaming if it’s already active, but it can’t be activated in Toolbox. To activate International Roaming, you’ll need to call support on 13 22 58 so you can listen and agree to a pre-recorded message explaining how international roaming works and how it can affect your bill.

  2. Carol-Ann Trist says:

    Hello. My mobile phone along with many other things. My phone only rings four times before going to message bank or rings out and I have to ring back. How can I make the incoming ring go for much longer?

  3. ruth dircks says:

    I will try contacting toolbox tomorrow but please not I am not enquiring about my account – I just want to get my phone activated.

  4. David Graves says:

    How to upgrade an email address to nbn broadband from dodo

  5. Wilson says:

    How do I write to you if my Internet goes down? I’ve already had so much trouble with you guys despite talking to someone I can get a name from, now even that is not going to be possible? Besides, I have written to you guys before and not got a peep!

  6. kany demajo says:

    i can never open my tool box to activate it I’m not good at computer but before I had the NBN it was easy to look ,now I found my computer is going slower than before ,I just can’t understand this ,I though it will be faster

  7. Julie Conway says:

    What if I want to pay more than what the invoice states? Is this possible on line through toolbox?

  8. Mick says:

    Can you allow end users to update comments to existing tasks so you do not get a new task ref allocated every time you reply to a support email

  9. Cieavash Arean says:

    Hi, my internet speed is very slow, it needs to be fixed!
    Unfortunately there is a long wait to talk to you,just wondering if it can be fixed on line? or you might have another option ?

  10. MELANIE. mobile says:

    Why is IINET refusing to cancel my credit card details. I mean delete altogether. I wish to pay myself each month. Had trouble in the past and do not want direct debit again ever. With anyone. Surely it is illegal to refuse too remove my card details. So far IINET have threatened to disrupt my service if this is done. Not happy.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Melanie,

      As per our Customer Relationship Agreement, iiNet required either a credit card or direct debit detail to active on all services, at all times. This is because we don’t conduct credit checks, so take on risk in accepting applications for services.

      Having said that, you can still pay via other methods, as long as payment reaches us before the due date.

      – Leo

  11. Eileen Everdell says:

    I’ve tried any number of times myself and rung a few times to see if why I can’t aces my toolbox online.

    Either way I still can’t access it. My sons have suggested that because of transitioned from AAPT etc over years my base details are scrambled and the system is not recording me correctly to start with ?

    Anyway, if someone can analyse and review all base records within your billing database and send me an email sometime with some ideas that will be great

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Eileen,

      For AAPT customers, we created unique Toolbox logins and passwords, so that you’ll be able to access this service and review your service. We’d recommend giving our Billing team a call on 13 22 58 at your leisure and they’ll be able to supply the details to you.

      – Leo

  12. Ray says:

    do all these things now, even tried change plan via toolbox then get message telling me to ring as cant be done via toolbox.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Ray,

      Plan changes may fail online if there you’re on a grandfathered product that may need to be bundled, or has a dependent product that also needs to be changed. In these instances, you will need to call through, but for most customers, Toolbox is a very handy resource!

      – Leo

  13. Ian Garrett says:

    I have a Webmail account only and cannot access Toolbox.
    I am abroad and to change my debit details should I phone your office or is there another way please.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Ian,

      In your case, if you don’t have a Toolbox login, then you will need to call through to update your details.

      – Leo

  14. Dianna Bushell says:

    Thank you iiNet for this comprehensive guide relating to Toolbox use and capabilities. Clear and worth keeping for future reference!

  15. Anita Schult says:

    We are on satelite and when there is NO POWER we Maybe have no phone either what is our alternative? We do have power generator for emergencies but still need a phone contact no. is Westnet support still available 24/7? 1300786068. I was told nothing would change
    Kind regards

  16. Geoff says:

    The iiNet ‘call back’ service is great but since the TPG takeover the call backs are now taking between 3 and 6 hours.

    How many staff have been removed from the call centre since TPG took over ?

    How about offering on line chat service ?

  17. Chris Kent-Jones says:

    Why not have a “read and agree” to international roaming in toolbox – SIMPLE!

  18. valri oliver says:

    hello gina,
    wondering if westnet have a list of reliable computer repairers in east fremantle area, thanking you, valri oliver

  19. george macca says:

    if i buy an unlocked smart phone and still want iinet to be my provider, does iinet supply an sd card for the smart phone to enable me to do this.

  20. Jasmine Spence says:

    Thank you IinetTeam & Gina Thompson. I shall Store these Instructions into Methodology, and treasure the guidance.

  21. Michelle brownlee says:

    How can I listen to message bank?

  22. David Robinson says:

    Do I have to do anything when NBN becomes available ? I understand that this is possible next year

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi David,

      All you’ll need to do is give us a call and lodge an order. We’ll handle the rest for you.

      – Leo

  23. Tony Butterfield says:

    iiNet are trying to get me to sign up to iiNet TV with Fetch as they are closing TransTV, and tell me to phone a number, but I just get to talk to various people in Africa and the Philippines who send me to someone else who also does notknow anything and cannot even tell me what cable TV stations are available.
    I called into a Telstra shop and they gave me a Product Description Statement (terms and conditions, features and options) and a list of TV stations on offer etc as is usual under Australian law, and the direct mobile number of the salesman in case I have further questions.
    He said they offer a service where I give them my bills and they will do the switchover and installation for me – but there is a delay because so many Canberra customers are leaving iiNet.

    How about giving me information on paper or email (iiNet usually does not reply to emails!)

  24. Viv says:

    The only thing you didn’t cover is how to get support service online. That FAMOUS “No 1 customer service” which has disappeared after so many years of having been an example to all other ISPs in Australia and which now allows loyal customers to go six months without the service they are paying for and customer service people who say they will get a supervisor but just hang up on you. So how about instructions on how to fix constant dropouts when browsing, emails that get stuck in the outbox and VOIP phone service cutting ou? How about instructions on how to get someone at iinet to care again – like you used to? Became a customer when OIS was taken over by iinet in 1995 – saddened by degradation of customer service since TPG takeover

  25. Myriam says:

    It is nice to know that we can have an easy access to the toolbox. My question is what happened to communicating with a real person?
    Sometimes an issue can be solved by having a quick chat.
    I still believe in old personal service

  26. Freda says:

    A bit more info on the phone over nbn. Like can you still get 101 also are there any tips for using.

  27. Colleen Rohan says:

    Do iinet customers have to move across to NBN?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Colleen,

      It does depend on what service is going to be available to you. For most customers, the answer is yes. However, you do have time to make a decision on your options before confirming to move, so don’t be in a rush if you aren’t sure. Consider you needs and any circumstances which could complicate matters (like monitored alarms, medical services etc).

      In your case, NBN is in build in your area and is available for pre-order. Whilst we understand that you may not want to move yet, we have arranged for a staff member to reach out, to walk you through your options.

      – Leo

  28. Alex Baker says:

    I love iinet which is why I have been a faithful customer.
    There is only one small issue and it’s rare. Whenever my internet connection fails, and after trying everything, such as re-boot, go deeper, reset my modem etc. and troubleshoot other resources, only then I call iinet for help. My question is, rather than customers wait for ages for someone to call back would it be possible for iinet to go through all the possible issues and help users to troubleshoot for themselves before resorting to calling for help. I know this would help me. Today your CS operator spent quite sometime on the phone with me. After exhausting all potential problems I believe I fixed the problem myself after a light bulb moment when I tried troubleshooting microsoft. With a few troubleshooting hints on toolbox my issue may have been resolved a lot sooner. Here is my idea…have a troubleshooting box on toolbox starting with the most obvious. Have a checkbox for users to tick as they go through the processes. Only after trying everything and actually ticking that they have tried it, then they log a call for help. I know this would help me. I call for help only as a last resort.

  29. Lachie says:

    Hi there, I currently have an iPhone that has been used on an iiNet Service for the last four years, how can I get it unlocked to use on other services as well?

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hey Lachie,

      Any handsets purchased from us when we offered them would be unlocked and can be used with another carrier’s SIM without issue. If the handset was purchased elsewhere you may need to contact the initial retailer for more information on whether the handset is locked.

      – Tal

  30. David Clark says:

    How can I access my emails without going to Outlook

  31. Kelly says:

    Hi there,

    I want to update my direct debit online, but don’t have the menu option “Bills and Payments.”

    The only menu options I have are (left to right) Dashboard, My Products, My Account, Help and Support.

    Please advise how I can update my banking details.

    Many thanks,


    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Kelly,

      If you don’t see the “Billing and Payments” option then its likely that you’re logging into Toolbox using an old e-mail address, not the actual username on the account. For instance, if you’ve just upgraded to NBN, your username may well have changed, so it worth having a look at your recent invoices to see what your current username is.

      – Leo

  32. Matt says:

    IINet Toolbox – when you click edit payment method, the pop-up screen to edit payment method is blank. Unable to connect. I’ve tried on 2 computers and mobile phone, both Chrome, Explorer and Firefox.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Matt,

      This is an interesting one!

      If this is happening on the same network at home, across all of those devices then it would suggest a possible MTU issue in the modem. Lowering this value in the modem may help. When you tried on the mobile, try using mobile data, instead of Wi-Fi. If this is repeated, then we may need to take a further look at this from our side.

      – Leo