Don’t cancel your ‘net, move your ‘net with you!

When you’re packing up your belongings and getting ready for the big move, the last thing on your mind should be whether your ‘net is coming with you. Moving can be exciting, but it can also be super stressful, that’s why our iiNet movers team will do all the heavy lifting so you have one less thing to worry about and can move with ease.

With the iiNet movers team it’s now easier, cheaper and more flexible for you to change your address and relocate your internet connection. When it comes to moving, there’s a lot to do but if you’re on the move, let us know and tick moving your internet off your list so you can move from one place to the next and jump online straight away.

The iiNet Movers Team

As an iiNet customer, wherever you move in Australia, we’ve got a plan to keep you connected. While we might not be able to move your furniture or load up the truck, our award-winning customer service team will handle your phone and internet relocation for you.

When it comes to moving our awesome specialised movers team makes it easy and hassle-free, making sure you get settled in with the best broadband plan to suit your needs. You can even keep your current phone number and email address!

Save money and keep things flexible

Refresh your contract at your new address and there’ll be no contract break fees on your existing broadband service, and if applicable, you’ll also receive discounts on new line connections.

Give our friendly movers team a call and you can decide your disconnection date and the connection date at your new address.

So if you’re on the move soon, grab the boxes and packing tape and leave the ‘net to us – wherever you’re moving, just let us know and we’ll arrange for your internet to move too!

iiNet Moving2

Head over to our Movers FAQ page for some handy info, including the details you’ll need when you call and connection timeframes or give our movers team a call today on 1300 541 714.

I’d like help moving my ‘net!


  1. Darryl Cass says:

    Didn’t have much joy with the “movers team” when we moved. Firstly they said no prob’s, all good with it all at new address.Then when we moved no phone no broadband in new house. I rang the “team” back and enquired they then looked into it and then said they can’t help us at the new address.I only wish they told us beforehand as i then had to rush out and go with Optus a real shame as we had been with Iinet for well over 10 years and very happy with them.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Darryl,

      We’re so sorry to hear this! It sounds like a situation where the required infrastructure needed wasn’t available and we likely had no alternative connection options to offer you at the time. Whilst we’re sad to see that you had to move on, we are hopeful or maybe seeing you again one day!

      – Leo

  2. Jeanette says:

    I don’t want to lose iinet and their great customer services, but I’m moving very remote in a few months… And that means only one company in Oz can provide my services – and I hate dealing with them!

  3. A Very Unhappy user says:

    Don’t use iiNet for anything except things you cannot avoid. I’ve found dealing with them stressful and totally unreliable.

    The left hand doesn’t seem to know what the right hand is doing. I’ve told them to put all communications with me in writing. I’ve found I can’t trust them.

    They used to be one of the best before TPG took them over.

    • Josh McKenzie says:

      Sorry to hear you’ve had a stressful time dealing with the team, definitely not what we want to here. We’re always happy to lend a hand to ensure that any issues you’re experiencing is addressed and resolved. If you’d like to shoot us an email to referencing this comment, we’d love to help out in getting things back on track.

      – Josh

  4. Peter Medlicott says:

    Coming up for 12 months with iinet, not a problem and NBN has not dropped out since day 1. Tremendous Iinet keep up the good work.

    • Josh McKenzie says:

      WOO! Stoked to hear things have been travelling smoothly Peter and thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Here’s hoping for many more happy years together.

      – Josh

  5. Jeremy says:

    Still waiting to have my internet moved to our new place,it’s been a week & a half & no one at Iinet seems to care,keep getting the run around from them.
    When the support line was not serviced by Australian staff you would speak to someone from South Africa now you get connected to the Phillipines & they are absolutely useless,basically they are getting paid to do nothing but loose customers,what a joke.
    If it’s not up & running in the next few days I’m going elsewhere.
    Wetsfarmers are doing a really bad job with Iinet since taking over.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Jeremy,

      We’re sorry to hear about your difficulties with relocating. Please send your details through to and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

      As an aside, the iiNet Group was acquired by TPG and we have no connection to the Wesfarmers group.

      – Leo

  6. Marilyn Hutchinson says:

    I moved from a major city to a regi\onal town 5 years ago. I had no trouble with Westnet even though they did not transmit in the new area. I was able to stay with them but through a third party (Telstra). I didn’t want to change as I had been with Westnet since the good old days of dial up (c1995) and can’t fault their customer service. While it would have been great if I could have used their transmission I am at least able to take advantage of their after sales serevice.

  7. John Madell says:

    I have been with iiNet for over a decade now. I have that many drop outs with Radio and smart TV since they where taken over I have felt changing my IP. What stops me is their good online service and their wonderful service advisors from South Africa.

  8. Warren Brown says:

    I joined aapt in 1990 which has since been taken over by iiNet and must say that I agree with the above comments from “Very Unhappy User”. I also had a bad experience with iiNet which went on for many months which was eventually only partly rectified due to the assistance of the Telecommunication Ombudsman.

    • Josh McKenzie says:

      Hi Warren,

      Sorry to hear there are some ongoing details pertaining to a previous external complaint that have gone unresolved. We’d be happy to help clear up any residual troubles that you’ve experienced after raising the case. If you’d like to send through any details to we’d be happy to take a look and lend a hand.

      – Josh

  9. Rob Ozanne says:

    I am about to move from Bridgetown to Collie, the owner of the property has been told their chances of getting the nbn is somewhere between nil and buckley’s. There is no telephone line into the rental so what can I do ?

    • Josh McKenzie says:

      Hi Rob,

      Cheers for stopping by! I’d say best step forward would be checking in with our relocation specialists on 13 19 17 to perform checks on service availability. Provided the home is a standalone address there is always a possibility of having a line run and socket installed to have hooked up. With NBN, they have committed to service all of Australia once done, so if not available now, it should at least be on the horizon.

      – Josh

  10. Don says:

    I’ve never had a move but we’ve had excellent service from iiNet for about a decade with both ADSL and NBN. In particular, when I had a major problem (due to an electrican disconnecting the phone line) the South African advisors were very patient and thorough, and knew when to seek advice higher up rather than trying to fob me off. I had concerns when TPG took over, but so far so good. I hope Jeremy above is wrong in saying the service has moved to the Phillipines – please DISconfirm!

    • Josh McKenzie says:

      Cheers for taking the time to share your experience, Don! Stoked to hear things have travelled relatively smoothly and issues have been addressed by the team promptly and professionally. With respect to out contact sites, we do have some back end staff operating out of Manila, but phone support is still being primarily handled by our Auckland, Adelaide, Perth and South African sites.

      – Josh

  11. Neil Gray says:

    By the grace of the gods and fate I am still with iinet.

    Moving has been a chaotic nightmare.
    The problem was caused by TELSTRA. They dont care any more as they have cut back the rate to contractors and lowered the number in their workforce.

    Then iinet joined the chaos. This was the billing team, Last invoce two days ago.
    I have a number of invoices saved which are now null and void,
    iinet provisioning forgot to join my email
    to my service,

    IT seems to be OK now and billing is OK.
    I am happy now but somewhat apprehensive for the future. What next??

  12. Johann says:

    Well well well. Glad to hear there are happy users. I have been with iinet for 16 years end of this month. Up to September 2017 all went well as iinet could not really muck up a stable system. However a year ago we moved house! I do not wish that trauma on my worst enemy. Yes “we move network and phone and all the wonderful things”. Do NOT believe that. Iinet decided in there wisdom they will not be moving my VOIP phone number of many years but they gave me a new number. VOIP is not bound to any exchange. It took months of phoning every day to try and sort out the problem. The following is a quote from one of my emails: “I have had 113 days of “hell” with trying to resolve a netphone problem.” and that was not the end.

    This year NBN comes in and same old story. It also took quite long to get the phone working.

    My advice: If you have a stable environment with iinet keep it. If you want to move house move to a new internet provider. I should have done that long ago.