Managing downtime

At iiNet, we love the internet, and we know how frustrating it is to be without it! Downtime can be caused by one of two things – an issue specific to your service (which could be the result of a line fault, a broken modem, incorrect setup or a provisioning issue, to name a few) or a widespread outage impacting multiple customers (for example, if a piece of hardware involved in keeping customers online fails) – but neither is any fun. Here are some of our tips to make managing downtime easier.

Preventing downtime

Whether it’s for working from home, doing school work or chatting with loved ones, we know that being online is an important part of day-to-day life.  But let’s be realistic – faults can happen. When they do, all of us here at iiNet work hard to get you back online as soon as possible, but there’s often still a period of downtime while we get things back on track. We always recommend having a backup service available if being online is essential for you.

These days, most of us have a mobile phone with a data connection that we can tether if necessary, but sometimes that’s not enough. A mobile broadband service can provide you with a bit of extra quota and some peace of mind – I always have mine handy when I’m working from home, just in case! A mobile broadband service can easily be used at home or at the office, or wherever else it’s needed.

Depending on what’s been affected by the outage, you may have the option of using your backup dial-up service, provided free with every iiNet ADSL connection.

How can I keep updated?

In the event of an outage, the first place to check for information should be the iiNet Network Status page. Upgrades and faults are listed by state and categorised by their severity. There you’ll find useful information like the estimated time for restoration and regular updates from the guys in our Network Operations Centre. You can also opt-in to Network Status email updates through your Toolbox.

You can also keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages, or have a look at the Whirlpool forums – the Social Media team and the Network Operations Centre work together to ensure there’s updates provided whenever they’re available.

Of course, not everyone has another way to access the internet when their main connection is down. If you call our support line during a major outage, you’ll hear a message stating that there’s an issue that may be affecting you.

If you’ve lodged an individual fault with us, a representative from our Faults team will take ownership and keep you updated on developments along the way, following our faults process. You’ll also be able to keep up to date through the task notes in your Toolbox (or if you’re using your mobile,

So don’t get caught out! If your broadband service goes down and you can’t survive without it, make sure you’re prepared.

Photo credit: Shane Pope

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  1. I’ve found it interesting that the iinet android app lists nothing regarding this outage on my service – yet is very informative on other seemingly unrelated minor issues affecting my exchange.