Explore new ways to get moving



It’s time to get active!  You don’t have stick to conventional exercise to get active – just get outdoors and start exploring the world around you!

So put on your vest and wide brim hat, grab those binoculars and let’s go!

We recently wrote about Geocaching, a large-scale treasure hunt that’s drawing people in.

For those who have already given it a go and need something new, we asked around for the apps that made everyone want to become explorers like Bear Grylls or Dora the Explorer.


GoSkyWatch Planetarium

Grab a picnic blanket, lay under the stars and observe the night sky. While you’re there, you can easily locate and learn about the stars and planets sparkling above you with GoSkyWatch. This app uses a compass so it knows what you can see and acts as a telescope, allowing you to click on the stars and constellations around you, view pictures and find out a number of fun facts!

Available on iTunes.



Once you have been exploring you’ll want to tell everyone about it, right? To truly do your trip justice, be sure to download Ramblr. This app lets you ramble on to create a diary and story of your trip and maps out your route with geotagged pics, videos, notes and stats.

Available on iTunes and Android.



AllTrailsAll Trails

Pull on your hiking boots and go for a walk in our Aussie terrain. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly path, a serious hike, or a bike ride adventure, All Trails will help you to find your perfect trail based on length, difficulty level and rating.

Available on iTunes and Android.



aus WildflowersAustralian Wildflowers

This app will help you locate wildflowers in each state and has more than 35 locations and maps for you to choose from before you head out. Now you may not have internet while you’re out exploring but that’s OK because you don’t need it for this handy app!

Available on iTunes.



WikiCampsWikiCamps Australia

A database full of campgrounds, caravan parks, backpacker hostels, and day use areas for you to visit. With users taking control to update and add new listings, the selection of go-to spots is up-to-date and growing day by day. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about having WiFi – just download all the content to your device and you can access it anywhere, anytime. Available on iTunes, Android and Windows. 



If you aren’t up for a big adventure or simply don’t have the time – here are a few apps to get you moving and shaking during the day.

Seven7 Minute Workout (Seven)

You read that right! All you need is 7 minutes out of your day to squeeze in a workout – there goes those ‘I’m too busy’ and ‘I don’t have time’ excuses. In fact, you can work out in your lunch break and still have time to eat and put your feet up.

Available on iTunes and Android.




If you love a good laugh, CARROT Fit is the app for you. 12 challenging exercises delivered in 30 second intervals. Don’t worry – you’ll get a 10 second rest in between, plus encouragement from the apps’ humorous robot, CARROT. You even get to make your own personal avatar– who said fitness couldn’t be fun! Available on iTunes and Android.



Salute the deskSalute the Desk

If you catch yourself slouching at work give this app a try. It’s pretty much yoga at your desk. There is a chance you will look silly in front of your colleagues but you will get up and moving and improve your posture and tension at the same time!

Available on iTunes.



If you have some unique apps that get you moving and exploring, share them with us in the comments.


  1. John says:

    Wiki Camps is a great app, the best one for stargazing is Nightsky, and there is a brilliant one for Australian birds.

    • Erin Kavanagh says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the feedback. If you find out the name of the app for Australian birds please let me know!

      – Erin