The Many Faces of Marketing

By Katie Leenen

Working in marketing isn’t just about writing funny scripts for radio commercials and attending photo shoots like it sometimes may seem. It’s actually quite scientific. In fact, a lot of what I do within the marketing department revolves around research, statistics and tailoring a message to a specific target market. This process is called Direct Marketing.

Direct Marketing is all about getting to know our prospective customers – who they are, what they need, and where they live – and talking to them about a product or service we think they’d be interested in.

If we have a new product coming out, like BoBTM for example, the objective of our Direct Marketing campaign will be to target those who would be most interested in buying BoBTM. Criteria we use to work this out generally revolves around geographical location and demographic s, but can include a lot more. We measure everything, so at the end of the campaign we know exactly how those we contacted responded, and use the results to refine campaigns for the future. Direct Marketing is great because it’s incredibly measureable, though this accountability can be both a good and a bad thing.

When I began my marketing career, direct marketing wasn’t exactly what I was aiming for. I guess you could say I sort of fell into it. I completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree at University and have completed various courses since then, including the ADMA Certificate in Direct and Digital Marketing which gave me a good foundation in Direct Marketing.  Following Uni I got involved in mobile start-up mig33, a global mobile community, which was a huge learning curve and my first foray into the technology industry. I then moved into financial services at United Credit Union where my Direct Marketing career really took off. But the technology industry called my name again, bringing me to iiNet, where I get to combine my love of Direct Marketing with the fast paced world of IT.

Now that I’m with iiNet, I get to manage big campaigns across a range of products, and work with a lot of extremely talented people. Oh, and have fun at the same time.

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