FETCH the best entertainment for your family!

With 10 BIG features wrapped up in a Mini set top box, Fetch gives you all the entertainment you could ever want and more at your fingertips.

If you already have a Fetch Mini, make sure you’re getting the most out of it with this array of features. If you don’t have Fetch yet – don’t worry! You can get the standard Fetch subscription included at $0.00 per month for the first 24 months when you bundle it with your Westnet broadband plan on a 24 month contact*. You’ll even get your first movie rental included when you get you started!

The Mini set top box makes a great addition to any lounge room with an abundance of features brought together in one sleek device. Fetch brings all your entertainment together, giving you access to Free-to-Air TV, Catch-Up TV, popular streaming apps, 30 pre-selected movies at any time, and thousands of movies to buy^ or rent in the Movie Store. You can even pick your subscription to better suit your preferences with add-on channel packs from around the globe!

Fetch now also works with devices running Google Assistant such as Google Home and compatible Android/iOS mobile phones. That means you can use voice commands to find out what’s on Fetch, search for movies and TV shows, change the channel and much more.

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* Additional $59.99 set up fee applies for optional Fetch Entertainment Bundle.

^ Buying content gives you access to that content via your Fetch service. You have access to purchased content for as long as you have your current Fetch account. You will lose access to all purchased content if your account is cancelled or deactivated.

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