Fetchtv gets even better

By Nikkita Dixon with Robert Buckler

This week iiNet dropped the price of its fetchtv packages. Being that it’s such a hot topic at the moment, we thought we might shed some light on the questions circulating online. To get the goss, we caught up with our Content Manager Robert Buckler.

Tell us about the new fetchtv pricing
Since iiNet partnered with fetchtv in 2010, it’s grown in popularity to the extent we’re now able to lower prices. It’s also a lot simpler, with our fetchtv Starter package now at $10 per month and fetchtv entertainment at $20 per month.

What has the take-up been like?

Our customers are really engaging in iiNet’s fetchtv. The product has continued to get better and better and as a result, more customers are finding it’s the right product for them. We recently ran a three-month free fetchtv trial campaign to give our customers a taste of the product without any commitment. It’s been encouraging that the majority of these customers have signed on to keep the product after their trial had finished.

The price drop seems to be attracting the attention of a lot of potential fetchtv customers. Of course now they’re wondering how iiNet shapes up to its competitors. Could you tell us?
We’ve been offering fetchtv for the longest so we’ve been able to tailor our product a bit more. We offer 30 additional channels in our base package that are exclusive to iiNet. That includes five football channels. There are also extra video on demand channels with the best of our Freezone.

The set top box is different as well. Most others on the market will give you between 320 GB and 500 GB of space, while ours has 1 terabyte of space. The interface is very user friendly and you get some pretty nifty iiNet apps. Lastly, we’ve taken the time to develop a comprehensive app for fetchtv that lets our customers control their fetchtv service at home and while they’re out and about. You can check the fetchtv guide and do a bunch of other things. So I’d say we shape up pretty well.

Where can people get a better idea of what’s on offer on fetchtv?

I’d say the best way is to download the fetchtv app. You don’t need to have a fetchtv service to download it. If you check out the fetchtv guide you’ll be able to see all of the TV shows that are on for the month. Either that or hit up iiNet’s fetchtv website.

Now that fetchtv is even more affordable, we’re looking forward to seeing more and more customers in Australia go fetch. Keep an eye out for our latest fetchtv ads that will be spreading the good news from Sunday. If you’d like to check out the new fetchtv plans, head to the fetchtv website. If you’re already convinced and you’d like to sign up now, head to the fetchtv sign up page.


  1. Brian says:

    I would have really liked to try fetchtv, but apparently my internet connection is too slow to give the speeds necessary for live video streaming.
    I’m at the end of the limit of my nearest telephone exchange, so even with BoB 2, I’m stuck with about 3mb per, when I need 3.5 or more ( I think that was it)

    I dumped Foxtel and I was hoping fetchtv would fill a gap in my tv viewing—but not to be.
    Perhaps in the future technology will be such that even I will be able to enjoy it.

  2. Miguel says:

    Are there any plans to expand the channels available? A couple of years ago the english premier league was on the free zone if I recollect correctly. It’s the only reason I still have Foxtel

  3. Rob says:

    Hi Miguel, we are looking at expanding the channels, Setanta Sports will be an add on channel in the new year, we are also looking at getting Liverpool FC Channel. Hopefully for fetch and freezone.

  4. Paul Bayliss says:

    1. Apparently we can now access ABC Iview on fetch TV. Is is still freezone or ddoes it use up our allowance

    Our internet is that slow and lumpy even the demos don’t play.

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Paul,

      iView through iiNet TV with Fetch is currently counted toward your monthly quota due to the different method of content delivery. We’re currently working with the hosts of this data to have it improved and changed to allow for even more means of accessing freezone iView in future. Keep an eye out for more information from us.


  5. Yves says:

    We really want the English premier leauge. If fetchtv had it I would subscribe immiediaey but without it foxtel is the only thing that has got me subscribing. As soon as fetch tv gets the premier leaue we would subscribe at the skip of a heartbeat