Fibre1000 and business: Gordon Digital case study


Wondering what adding a gigabit broadband connection do for your business operations? Find out what one customer has to say in this case study of how iiNet Fibre1000 is performing at Gordon Digital, a Brisbane-based digital marketing agency.

Fibre1000: a future-proof solution for modern businesses

“As a digital marketing agency that relies 100% on our connection to the internet, it is of utmost importance that we have a reliable and steady connection with decent speeds,” says Jessica Gordon, Director and Web Designer at Gordon Digital.

“We rated this highly alongside strong customer service when choosing our technology partner as iiNet.”

Those familiar with the digital marketing industry won’t be surprised to hear how crucial an internet connection is to an agency. High-resolution media files can easily see upload and download traffic exceeding hundreds of gigabytes on a daily basis, and older broadband technologies just can’t make the cut.

“When we moved into our office in Morningside we were only able to get ADSL,” says Jessica. “Prior to engaging iiNet for Fibre1000, we were experiencing connection disruptions and extremely low speeds. Our phone systems are VoIP and they just couldn’t handle such low speeds.”

Fortunately, iiNet Fibre1000 plans provide unlimited data with a massive 1000Mbps of symmetrical bandwidth, meaning uploads can perform just as well as downloads. Since moving to Fibre1000, Jessica says that “we have not had any connection issues and productivity has increased due to overall speed improvements on the web.”

Fibre1000 is the ideal broadband solution to support hosted phone and SIP solutions, such as iiNet BizPhone. In fact, Gordon Digital started out with BizPhone when the company was founded, which gave them a taste of the iiNet Business Team’s award-winning customer service. When it became clear that the business needed a broadband upgrade, Jessica knew who to call.

“We have been an iiNet customer since I started the business back in 2015. We started with iiNet using BizPhone and it was a no-brainer to choose iiNet for our business internet when the choice came about.”

Today, Gordon Digital is thriving, having grown from just one staff member to four full-time digital marketers over the past 12 months.

“Getting Fibre1000 has drastically improved our businesses’ ability to deliver consistently for our clients as we no longer experiencing any connection disruption. Fibre1000 will future-proof Gordon Digital online.”

To find out more about Fibre1000 and how it can improve your business operations, visit our website or call the iiNet Business Team on 1300 681 828.


About the business

Gordon Digital is a Google Partnered agency that was founded in late 2015. The business has grown in the last 3 and a half years to be known as a digital marketing agency that is changing the conversation. They offer a range of digital marketing services to small to medium sized businesses including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Ads Management and Web Development.

“We partner with our clients and aim to provide clarity to an industry that historically had a rep for being ‘the dark arts’,” says Jessica.

The Gordon Digital team are made up of some extremely passionate and talented digital marketers that really care about the businesses they work with.

For more information, visit Gordon Digital’s website.

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