Five great financial tracking apps to prepare yourself for the new financial year

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It’s always good to be in control of your finances, though it can be quite a challenging task. Staying on top of money trickling in and flying out of your account can be a tiresome and at times depressing chore that requires time and effort. If you don’t pay enough attention to it you’ll be heckled with hostile messages from your bank, who seem to jeer at your meagre savings.

An easy, less painful way to get your finances in order is to take advantage of the great assortment of apps available. Here are five of the best to get you ready to have a happy financial year.


Pocketbook will be your handy little reminder for all things finance. One of this app’s best features is the notifications it provides for everything from upcoming bills to fees that have been charged to your account. Both Android and Apple users can get Pocketbook, which was developed right here in Australia. When you feel like you no longer have any control over your finances, let Pocketbook be your special helper.


Spendbook is one of the most aesthetically impressive finance apps around. Available on Apple mobile devices for just a couple bucks, Spendbook has a lot of great graph and chart features that allow you to visualise your budgets. The app makes it easy to enter recurring payments and set up separate categories to track certain kinds of payments.


Billguard is great for those who prefer to pay with plastic. The app is incredibly useful for tracking credit card usage. As an added bonus, it doubles as a fraud detector, sending you alerts if any sketchy activity takes place with any of your accounts. It also notifies you of sneaky extra charges that might have otherwise flown under your radar. This nifty little number works on both Android and Apple devices.


Wally might be simpler than many of the competing apps on the market, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable. Its ability to easily scan receipts is what makes Wally so appealing. But Wally also is worth a download on your Android or Apple device even if you just want a more general view of your spending. If you’re not interested in punching in every single purchase you make, this might be the best option for you.


Similar to Wally, Spendee’s strength is in its simplicity. Larger categories for organising spending lead to faster budgeting, although those looking for highly detailed tracking might be disappointed. Spendee has an attractive, clutter-free interface to go along with its straightforward functionality. Spendee is available on Android and Apple devices.

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This app has made a big splash overseas. In May, its developers announced Australia would be the lucky first non-North American country to get it.

Acorns takes saving to the next level by helping you help yourself. The app works on Android and iPhone devices and plays on people’s attraction to collecting small change. Now, instead of compiling coins in a cup, you can let Acorns automatically invest your pocket change into low-risk funds. The app rounds up to the next dollar and moves the difference into the professionally-managed portfolio of your choice.

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  1. Ron hunter says:

    I have a PC getting data from Westnet costing $29.95 pm with a 4G wireless dongle
    I have two iPads ,3G and wifi,through Telstra on prepaid.SIm Cards
    I have a mobile phone through Optus on monthly plan.with a SIM card

    How can I set up a wifi hub to link these and save paying separate a/c with separate limits and quotas.
    Ron Hunter

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Ron,

      There is currently no way of linking the quota between separate devices. If you’re interested in unifying your invoices though, you can get mobile broadband SIMs to use in the iPads, and the mobile can be ported to iiNet. If you also have home ADSL with us, bringing the mobile phone over will double the included data on the mobile phone service. Give our billing team a call any time to go over the specifics of what we can offer (13 22 58).

  2. Evelyn says:

    What about those of us who have Windows devices????

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Evelyn,

      We all have a bit more experience with iOS and Android than Windows phone, so the article was tailored around that. It might be a good idea for us to do up a similar list for windows phones, we’ll definitely keep it in mind!

  3. Marcus R says:

    Pocketbook is highly recommended, web version provides more information than app but still great

  4. Joy Elizabeth says:

    I run a couple of VERY SMALL businesses, and am wondering if any of the recommended apps are suitable for that – can reports be saved as pdfs &/or printed out.

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Joy,

      The apps shown here are recommended for personal finance and may not be suited to a business. A similar list for small businesses may be a great idea for a future blog article!

  5. Tim says:

    The billguard app isnt even available to australians…

  6. Chris says:

    MoneyWiz is a great app. Costs around $4 but you can set up budgets, auto deductions, view multiple accounts etc. Have been using for past 4 years with great success.

  7. Donovan says:

    Hi Joy, does a good job for small business(es)

  8. John Salmon says:

    I used to check my data usage ie days/amounts,using the vertical symbols – I am now having trouble finding my way back to these symbols – please help.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi John,

      Just to clarify, are you trying to access your data via Toolbox? If you’re using a mobile device, try using the “iiNet Support” app.

      – Leo