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It’s the year’s most highly-anticipated film – the stunning conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy – The Dark Knight Rises. Whether you’re still waiting to see the film, or you’re in between viewings, you’ll get a kick out of our two part, behind-the-scenes featurette over in the iiNet Freezone.

With Australia riding high with Tom Slingsby’s recent Sailing gold medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games, be sure to check out ‘Crest of a Wave Part 1’, the first in a series of features on the Rolex Spirit of Yachting season.

This month, be sure to check out one of our newest channels, Red Sky Music. We’ve been busy adding episodes of Red Sky Music’s great shows – such as Bounce!, so head there today for some awesome music.

New to Noise11

As always – we’ve got some fantastic interviews and live performances as part of our Noise11 channel. This month, we have a chat to Gerald Casale, founding member of the kooky new-wave punk icons behind ‘Whip It’, Devo.

Country and bluegrass queen Emmylou Harris joins us for a chat, and Louisiana supergroup Lil’ Band O’ Gold talk about their guest-laden tribute to Fats Domino and perform in the studio.

Rockhampton duo Busby Marou discuss their sensational rise and provide some virtuoso folk-pop live while Australia’s Got Talent-winning b-boy collective Justice Crew tell tales of Russell Crowe, One Direction, and their new single ‘Boom Boom’.

Star of the stage, Marina Prior is about to release her first album in almost twenty years and she fills Noise11 in on the details. We also speak to Trevor Ashley and Brent Hill from the latest staging of the Mel Brooks classic The Producers.

We’ve also got some fantastic intimate live performances for you to view from artists such as Richard Clapton and Josh Ritter.

For all this and more, make sure you head over to Freezone today!


  1. Janice Hall says:

    I cannot find the kids section on freezone how do you get it and is there one.

  2. Arvid says:

    Please add to freezone.
    Lots of music, books and movies there all copyright expired

  3. Jenny says:

    Love Freezone but get so frustrated when trying to watch programmes or u-tube because of the buff. pauses. I have an 8gb,64bit new computer and the latest adobe flash player. Settings say I am receiving bps 0.4 and should be 1.1 min.
    I rang ozemail to see if the prob. was at your end,was on a 8 to 13 min waiting list for ring back and that was last Wednesday.
    Can you give me some reason why this is happening please.
    thank you….Jenny

  4. Hi Jenny,

    Your computer itself shouldn’t be responsible for YouTube having to buffer – it’s likely to be a bandwidth issue, but determining where it lies is a bit of a process of elimination.

    More often than not the issue is going to lie somewhere between your modem and the exchange. What we’d look at first would be the sync speed your modem is reporting between it and the exchange. If that’s low, we’d look at things like an isolation test:

    Which helps isolate (!) the problem down to a single piece of equipment, such as the filter or the phone cable.

    If your sync speed is fine, I’d probably suggest looking at Wireless, if you’re using it. If you connect your computer up via Ethernet cable and the problem disappears, you’d need to fiddle with your wireless settings (like the broadcast channel, etc.).

    These two options will – more often than not – determine where the issue lies. There’s a slew of other less common reasons behind reduced bandwidth as well (virii, RIM congestion, etc.) which support will explore with you if the above two options don’t provide any joy.

    If you could try contacting iiNet again on 13 22 58, we’ll be able to go through these with you. If you don’t receive a callback this time, can you let me know via email (with the phone number you called from and the time of the call) and I’ll lodge a callback manually and investigate why you weren’t receiving a return call.

    Matt Jones