What’s new on Freezone?

Symphony in the City returns to Freezone

A highlight on the Freezone calendar, ‘Symphony in the City’ returns for 2012 for an evening with WASO and the WASO chorus, as they perform music from the movie The Pirates of the Caribbean, audience favourite Tchaikovsky’s explosive 1812 Overture and much more.

Join the thousands in attendance live on Freezone as we stream the festivities live to your home, quota free from Langley Park in Perth this Saturday, 8 December.

More NBL action coming your way!

It’s hard to believe that we’re already nine rounds into the 2012-13 iiNet NBL Championship, but there’s plenty of great basketball action to be had across the summer, both at the games and on NBL TV through Freezone.

Coming up in the next fortnight, we’ve got a pair of Sydney Kings’ matches streaming live on Freezone:

  • December 8: Sydney Kings v New Zealand Breakers
  • December 15: Sydney Kings v Wollongong Hawks

Be sure to tune into each of these matches and enjoy all the content streamed directly to you, live and quota free. Remember, Freezone users can also watch replays of previous live streams from this season’s action.

Please note, NBL TV is only available to our lucky iiNet, Westnet, Netspace and Internode customers.

An NBL bonus for iiNet customers

As a bonus offer for our NBL fans in Sydney – customers can purchase $15 tickets to the following matches:

  • December 15: Sydney Kings v Wollongong Hawks
    December 30: Sydney Kings v Perth Wildcats

To take advantage of this great offer, all you need to do is visit Ticketmaster and when prompted to use a code, quote iiNET.


  1. David Hancey says:

    What’s with the Sydney thing , typical
    Only Sydney matters there’s other teams you know!

  2. Bas Gintings says:

    It is nice introducing a lot of programme on Freezone, but I have been disappointed with videos quality of the Football Channels. Is there any Quality Control on what are shown on these Footbal Channels? Depressing to watch, and now I have given up watching my favorite chanels, the Chelsea, City, Barcelona and Real Madrid channels.


  3. Bob weston says:

    G’day IINET

    I have not yet found anything of interest on Freezone.

    I would prefer to see some Australian content.

    The NBLs struggle to attract much Australian interest, they are but a poor relations of American basketball and baseball. Australians are interested in cricket, netball and football, except soccer.

    I’ll have a look at Freezone, from time to time, just in case there is something of interest.

    Happy days

    Bob Weston

  4. Bob Weston says:

    G’dat IINET

    You asked me for MY comments. I have provided them and you can deal with them as it is within your electronic powers to do, to achieve the responses you seek.

    Happy days

    Bob Weston

  5. Bob Weston says:

    G’day IINET

    If you check the boxes marked with *, you will find that they have been completed.

    Happy days

    Bob Weston

  6. Bob Weston says:

    G’day IINET

    Just forget my comments and await the type of comment you seek.

    Happy days

    Bob Weston

  7. John says:

    How about some intelligent shows without the guns, car chases, vampires,explosions, that saturate what passes for movies these days, where everyone is under 22 and skinny.

  8. John Ward says:

    When will the ARU and NRL/ARL games be shown live on Freezone or Fetch TV?

  9. john bardsley says:

    Hey guys,

    This email did not arrive till the day of the concert. Can you get it to us a bit earlier? It’s a great service. We actually went to the concert, and enjoyed it a lot.