What’s new on Freezone?

Summer in Australia means a multitude of things. You’ve got the hot weather, trips to the beach, endless weekend barbeques and days sitting down watching the cricket.

But since the Aussie cricket team’s traveling about as well as a hole-filled submarine, you might need a new sporting fix. And that’s where Freezone comes in!

A bigger, better baseball coverage

Following on from a successful 2012/13 season – we’re pleased to announce that the 2013/14 Australian Baseball League season will be back on Freezone for a great summer of baseball action.

Last season saw us broadcast the games of three of the ABL’s teams, and due to overwhelming demand, we’re now upping our coverage to all six teams. That’s right, for the first time, we’ll be showing the majority of all teams’ live ABL matches.

So is doesn’t matter if you’re a NSW fan, a Victorian, a Queenslander or West Australian… we’ll have a summer of great baseball action from diamonds across the country.

When does the Freezone coverage start?

Our first live stream will be coming to a screen near you on the 1st of November, with the match between the Pearth Heat and Sydney Blue Sox from Perth’s Barbagallo Ballpark, with the action getting underway from 7:20pm (WST).

Catch up on last season’s action

While you’re waiting for the new season to get underway – head over to Freezone today and catch up with the action from last season.

But that’s not all!

The upcoming ABL season isn’t all that’s about to hit Freezone. We’ve got the latest movie sneek peeks – including trailers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, X-Men: Days of Future Past, plus Wolf Creek 2 for fans of creepy Aussie films.

We’ve also got a new season of ‘Creature Comforts’ from Aardman Films now to view, great acoustic performances from Diesel and Colin Hay, while on the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of November, we’ll be streaming some awesome music from South Australia’s Gorgeous Festival, so be sure to stay tuned to Freezone for some great action in the coming months!


  1. Dale says:

    I would like to be able to watch ABC IView on my android tablet however it is not possible. Please Westnet, can we have this included in the freezone for android users if the app should ever become available.

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Dale,

      There is this Gizmodo article that discusses an Android application option.
      However, be aware, the unofficial aView app is not supported by us and will in turn add to your quota.

      I can not comment on when an official app will become available, but I hope soon!!


  2. Susan Adams says:

    Just like to know what happened to Scehduled recordings on Fetch. I now cant extend recordings to get the end of programs and as the TV stations are never on time I keep missing the end of my shows.

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi Susan,

      Give our iiNet TV specialists a call. There may be some troubleshooting we can do to fix the scheduling problems.
      Their number is 1300 701 006.