Freezone gets a facelift

iiNet’s Freezone keeps getting better with even more additions to our ever-growing list of unmetered content. With the recent overhaul of the Freezone Kids and the addition of  TED Talks and MeSurf TV, Customers have even more reason to connect better with iiNet.

Freezone Kids now features several more television series streamed through Gekko TV, iiguana and UGoGo along with old favourites including Transformers Animated, Roger Ramjet, Ghost Busters and Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. We’ve also signed on with MeSurf TV to give viewers a close look into the lives of surfers around Australia. Unlike the usual big waves rides and high action, MeSurf goes into the behind the scenes of competitors and people in the industry. Much like the rest of our Freezone Content, our new additions bring customers something a little different.

The success of Freezone stems from the choices iiNet makes in what is featured on the Freezone. Most channels on the Freezone can’t be found on the usual free-to-air or pay-TV channels and must be located online. The Content Relations Manager Rachael McIntyre is behind many of the decisions regarding our unmetered content and knows it is important to gauge interest directly from our customers and the wider public.

Often we’ll look at surveys on Whirlpool that ask the question or we’ll post on Twitter. There is always a huge demand for more sport and music channels so we are constantly looking at ways to meet this demand. I can safely say there is more music coming.

We do hope to one day make it possible for the Freezone to be accessed across the three screen platforms – online, on an iPad and on other media devices. While the timing on these kinds of advances is difficult to determine, it is certainly something to get excited about. In the meantime check out the new stuff we’re bringing to you completely unmetered and completely original on the Freezone.

We like to keep our Freezone a little quirky.


  1. Dave says:

    Loooks great.
    Is there any index for whats on freezone without going to the freezone page?
    I was wondering if was on there and a quick index would be handy.
    Actually some indication on the screen would be good to let you know if your in the zone.Maybe one for the labrats?
    Im not a regular blogger so KISS for those of us who seldom blog.

  2. Rachael says:

    Hello Dave,

    Thank you for your comment – we don’t currently add in a logo for freezone’ed websites as most of the unmetered content we do is based on the service like the downloading of gaming content from Xbox live rather than the Xbox website themselves.

    More information about what is and isn’t included in Freezone can be found at: