Freezone introduces IBA Box Pro on demand

If channel surfing just isn’t cutting it this month, or you need something else to keep you entertained after Homeland wraps up, check out the latest addition to iiNet’s Freezone. As part of our new partnership with the International Bodyboarding Association (IBA), you can now tune into the 2011 IBA Box Pro Documentary for free viewing on demand.

The 26-minute documentary is exclusive to iiNet and looks at the two-week period in April 2011 where local legend Ryan Hardy took out the IBA Box Pro in extreme conditions.  It also profiles local ‘groms’ and the surrounding area of Margaret River.

The 2011 IBA Box Pro Documentary is something you would traditionally purchase on DVD, so even though you’ll be tuning in online, it’s been made to TV quality. The live feed from the 2012 IBA Box Pro will also be shown non exclusively on iiNet’s Freezone along with highlight clips from the event. This is the second IBA Grand Slam Series to feature the top 32 Bodyboarders taking on the most extreme wave locations on the planet.

Check it out now on the iiNet Freezone.

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