Get your geek on

by Adam O’Grady

Everyone has a geeky side. It might be the programmer, with his eyes inches from the screen, making magic from a series of code. It might be the girl at the book store who can’t find anything to buy because her bookcase at home is packed to bursting. It could even be the man who paints in his spare time and knows more about Salvador Dali than the average art student.

These people are the new geeks. Far from the insult it once was several decades ago, ‘geek’ is now a term of endearment or adoration for those people who have a passion for something. The term is often used as a badge of honour, a reason for people to puff out their chests with pride when their devotion to an interest is recognised with that beautiful four-letter word. These days a geek is just a person in their element.

We want to hear from these geeky people. We want the ladies, gentleman and everyone in between to step forward and show us their inner geek. We want:

•    the passionate terrarium builder
•    the AFL history buff
•    the master architect
•    the kendo champion
•    the coding enthusiast
•    the Sailor Moon fan fiction writer
•    you.

We want everyone who has a hobby or speciality that they’re passionate about, regardless of how skilled they think they are, to send us a photo depicting themselves in their geeky element. We’ll be compiling these photos into a mural that will take pride of place outside of iiNet’s Subiaco headquarters. The mural will be a tribute to geeks from around Australia, the people in their elements, doing what they love.


Head to the TopGeek 2.0 Mural web page and send in a photo of yourself in your geek finery. Whether you’re suited up for the sprint track you practice day and night at; clad in your replica Starfleet Ensign uniform; or donning your chef’s hat, we want to put it on show.

Get your geek on.

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