Get productive! Improve your organisational skills with these online tools


If you live your life in barely organised chaos like me, you probably waste a lot of time wondering what you were doing, if you had already done it or where you put it.

Some people are comfortable using paper calendars, diaries, planners and organisers but why bother with the Dead Tree Format when you are probably reading this from a computer or similar mobile device? Computers were originally created for data storage, to perform tasks faster than a human can and convenience – so let’s put that to use instead of spending another life on Candy Crush or watching other people play video games.

Google Drive

Need to get your life in order for school, for work or a personal project (or just in general, like me)? Google is more than just Gmail and searching for cat pictures. They have a range of products to help you get organised. (Note: you will need a Google account to access these tools.)

Google offers 15GB of free storage on Google’s servers. This can be used for files, pictures, documents – basically anything that you would want to store. It also allows for creating new text documents or spreadsheets that can be shared with other users – particularly useful for group projects or other such coordinated tasks. It can be accessed from your Gmail account, downloaded as an app or you can browse to it at

Google Calendar

Much like Drive, Google Calendar can be accessed from your Gmail account or via the free app. It offers automatic synchronisation, so even if you go somewhere with no reception or internet access you can still see your calendar on your mobile device from a stored version. It also offers sharing among other users in case you need to show someone your super-busy schedule and alarm notifications to ensure you don’t miss anything.


Dropbox is essentially free web space where you can store files, pictures, documents and access them from anywhere by either logging into their website or open the app on your mobile device or computer. It’s very similar to Google Drive, but I find the layout and general flow of it much easier to use (and it doesn’t need a Gmail address of course).

It has customisable auto synchronising and backup options, allowing it to automatically save and copy photos, documents, files or all of the above, on your computer or your mobile device – this is great if you accidentally delete a blog you’ve been working really hard on (like I did to this one at one point).


Evernote is an online storage space, with a focus on writing and documents – great for work/education projects. It has sharing options like the other storage spaces we have discussed and can also synchronise data across all of your devices. It has a noteworthy search option, which lets you search all of your documents across all devices for desired text or images – very handy if you have a lot of documents saved.


Okay I put this last one in as a joke, but it is actually an interesting/depressing core concept. Broapp promises to “outsource” your relationship by automatically messaging your significant other nice messages, if you are too lazy to do it yourself, thus maximising “bro” time. It has sneaky features to hide the fact that it is not you sending the messages – it won’t send anything if you are using your partner’s WiFi network for example.

If you couldn’t tell from the name, it is largely focussed on and marketed to males – a female version of this app would be pretty interesting. All of this leaves me wondering if this app is actually desirable because if you don’t actually want to say nice things to your sweetie yourself, maybe you should consider moving on.

Final thoughts

There’s one free app that can really help you get yourself back on track and living a productive life. It’s called “discipline”, and while all of the cool, flashy apps and programs can help very much – you actually need to apply yourself to using them regularly to get the full effect. For now that is!

Have you used any other productivity apps or tools? Share them with our other readers by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Saalik says:

    For quick notes I like ‘ColorNote’. It allows most of the Evernote features but is quicker to use.

  2. Robert Hughes says:

    Just a simple thankyou for gathering the information you have shared on ii net connect.

  3. Tony says:

    iiNet – really knows there stuff. We’ve been using a combination of technologies with iiNet. They work. Less headaches.

  4. Anne says:

    I use the inbuilt calendar, notes and reminder apps on my iPhone as well as apps from Franklin Covey: Tasks and 7 Habits. I use vege planning and lunar planting apps to help me manage my vege garden. I am learning to use all these tools in a more integrated way. You do have to be disciplined but having built-in reminders helps a lot.

  5. Tania says:

    Spendee – budgeting app, managing cash in and out on the go, including any recurring payments you need to set up