Gorilla-grams invade our Melbourne office

by Brett Stone

To bring joy to people across the world, iiNet Melbourne HQ dressed in their hairiest to celebrate International Dress Like a Gorilla Day.

For any unfamiliar with the national day of celebration, it isn’t about donating to charity or raising awareness, it’s simply about having fun and brightening what would have been a bit of an average working day – we at iiNet wholeheartedly support such things.

And so on January 31st, several staff at the Melbourne headquarters donned their Gorilla suits and were sent around the office as ‘Gorilla-grams’ to delight their fellow staff with a song or poem. Several of our staff took advantage of the day by sending ‘Gorilla-grams’ to my desk begging for their annual leave to be approved or to give me a massage. Some were even so bold as to gate crash a training session and cover the trainer in their token silly string.

If you would like to check out our staff in their gorilla finest and check out what else they’ve been up to head to the Gorilla-gram Facebook Page or check them out on Youtube.

One comment

  1. Helen says:

    As the person who packs the Gorilla’s banana for lunch every day, I can tell you that this is ‘situation normal’.

    Cheers, Helen.