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Technology has changed the way people learn all over the world, including Australia. The super-fast speeds of the National Broadband Network (NBN) will only increase the benefits of technology in the education sector. Whether you’re in an area that is serviced by the NBN or not, there are some great ways you can be using technology to improve your learning experience. Here are some of the best educational apps for students.

HSC Apps

The HSC is one of the defining parts of a New South Wales education, potentially acting as the bridge between school and university for many students. This app, which was developed by experienced HSC teachers in accordance with the HSC syllabus, has a variety of specific sections to help out with different subjects. Students can alter questions to tailor their studying and learn in a variety of ways.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great student app because it provides a wide range of learning levels. If you’re getting ready to take your first math class in a long time and you’re feeling kind of rusty, you can hop on Khan Academy to review anything from basic school math to more advanced types of algebra and calculus. The same goes for other subjects such as science, economics and arts and humanities.

My Study Life

Sometimes staying on top of your schedule and assignments can be just as important as studying itself. Busy students should check out the My Study Life app, which serves as a planner that you can sync across several devices. Keep a detailed log of what you need to do and access it on your phone, computer or tablet whenever you want. The app was designed specifically with students in mind and features helpful reminder notifications, making it more than just a simple calendar program.


Making a bibliography for your massive research paper can be frustrating and time consuming. Just when you think you’re done with your huge project, you have to spend hours digging up all the required bibliographic information and memorising all of the nitty gritty rules for the different styles. EasyBib eliminates these problems by giving you the listing you need based off the title of book you’ve used. You can even scan the barcode of your source for a listing. The app includes thousands of citation styles so you should be covered no matter which your professor prefers.


Apple-using students who want an app for recording lectures should check out SoundNote. This app allows you to record audio of class while also taking notes. What makes it so helpful is that you can tap parts of your notes and the app will go back to the audio at that point, giving you a chance to clarify or add more information. You can even draw diagrams on your screen. The app makes it easier to share information with others via email and download your notes from your iPad to your computer.

Fast Scanner

Tracking down a scanner to make digital copies of your documents can be a pain. With Fast Scanner, you can make high quality PDFs of book pages, syllabi and other important documents with your iOS or Andriod device. You can also crop and change the colours of the documents before converting them to PDFs for later use.

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