Handy websites to save your Valentine’s Day


I don’t like Valentine’s Day, personally, and I know many of you feel the same. But sometimes people who enjoy this ‘day of romance’ happen to be people we care about. And of course, more than disliking V-day, we dislike disappointing people we care about.

So for us begrudging, unromantic souls, here are some overnight- and same day- online delivery ways to comply with the love festivities. After all, a token effort on an earmark-able day is really the least we can do for our patient better halves who put up with our cynicism the rest of the year.


Ready Flowers – same day delivery (1pm cut-off), international destinations available.
1300 Flowers – $10 same day delivery, hampers available (2pm cut-off).
easyflowers – same day flowers (2pm cut-off), hampers and chocolate available at a day’s notice. – free same day delivery (2pm cut-off) of flowers, fruit and selected baskets.

Hampers, food and other gifts

The Gift Specialist – same day to Adelaide for books, snacks, plants, balloons and more.
Basket Basket – same day to Brisbane (9am cut-off) on a huge range of gifts.
Baskits – same day (11am cut-off) to Brisbane.
Delightful Baskets (noon cut-off) for same day delivery to ACT and Queensland.
First Class Hampers – same day to Melbourne for gourmet, homeware, lifestyle and luxury packs.
Boxt – same day to Perth, includes books, foodstuff, gardening gifts, hampers, body care and more.
Hampers Only – same day to Sydney with hampers, boxes and baskets of gift-worthy treats.

The Valentine’s Day legend tells us of Saint Valentine, who secretly performed marriage ceremonies for young couples despite being forbidden by law to do so. The persecution he suffered as a result made him a martyr for the cause of love.

History, however, reveals a slightly different story. Valentine’s Day was celebrated as far back as the late Roman Empire, on February 14, as a feast of honour for two Catholic saints – both named Valentine. It wasn’t until the 14th century that this celebration was given romantic underpinnings, thus beginning the tradition of sending cards and letters to your lovers. Check out Wikipedia for the full story.

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