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Keeping tabs on your technology is something you should remain vigilant about. Especially for the more advanced and costly devices, it’s important to protect your investment by keeping it safe from harm.

This includes everything from guarding your devices against physical wear and tear to making sure you have all the best software to keep it humming along smoothly.

To keep your tech in tip top health, we have put together our tips and tricks to best prolong the life of your device.

The first line of defence


Keeping your device safe (even from yourself!) will allow you to enjoy it for as long as possible. This means outfitting your phone or tablet with something that can withstand heavy use and potentially devastating drops.

A case or cover is the simplest and most obvious way to accomplish this. Whether you want something bulky and heavy duty or sleek and light, a case or cover will help you avoid the problems that come from overuse or an accidental drop here and there.

Keep the battery alive

03 Pocketcell Plus 

What’s the point of having a sweet device if you can’t keep the thing running? If you need help keeping those juices flowing you can always check out our tips for prolonging battery life. A few quick clicks and taps will keep your battery level higher longer.

Unfortunately, charging is just part and parcel of owning a smart device. Thankfully, a portable charger can keep your phone alive no matter where you are. Much like guarding your screen from damage with a case or cover, taking care of your device’s battery is an easy way to get more mileage.

Stay up to date 


Lagging behind the curve when it comes to updates can make your phone over exert itself unnecessarily. It’s also just not fun to be running older versions of software. Make sure you’re familiar with how to update your operating system and when you should. That will ensure you’re getting the best out of your phone on a regular basis.

The downside of the web

How great is being able to hop online whenever you want via your smartphone or tablet? Pretty sweet, right? There are heaps of benefits to such connectivity; like doing your banking and checking social media accounts on the go. However, there are also some bad, bad people out there trying to get their virtual mitts on your information.

Viruses and other malicious software can cripple your device, not to mention have huge negative impacts on your life. Make sure you keep up to date on keeping your information safe online, how to detect scams and beware of malware. Formerly just a worry for computer users, these nasty programs can do real damage to your handheld device, too.

To stay on top of the latest and greatest tech news and tips, be sure to regularly check out the different parts of the iiNet blog.

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  3. Ian Croft says:

    For a long time I’ve been thinking of getting rid of my home phone as I use it 0-1 time monthly.I’m a new customer from 2 days ago with my hone will connect in about 5 working contract will expire in 2017,so I should have asked sooner.If I disconnect the phone do I just take the splitter of and put the modern wire in phone socket in my bedroom as I have 5 wall connections in the house.Will it be cheaper too or not until my 2 year contract ends.Thanks

  4. Ian Croft says:

    When should you charge your cell phone,

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    Is there N app to. Check pulse rate

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    Are there antivirus type programs for mobile phones? Could I have some examples please.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Joy,

      A great question, perhaps we can right a blog article just on this subject in future! For now you might want to check out AVG for mobile, it’s free and offers real time protection.

  7. Will says:

    AVG! its about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike