HIIT and getting FIT with the internet

Have you heard the term HIIT floating around in the fitness world?

Low intensity workouts can become monotonous after doing the same thing day in and day out. If you’re not getting the results you’re after and you struggle to fit in an hour long training session, then High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT for short) may just be what you’re looking for!

HIIT training has become extremely popular and when you break it down, it’s not hard to see why.

What is it?

HIIT is a combination of fast-paced exercises completed at high intensity levels with short recovery periods. This means you usually alternate between low and high intensity activities and repeat them in rounds. The great thing about these workouts is that you can work out and still get home in time for dinner!

The workouts can vary, lasting anywhere from 7 to 30 minutes – the choice is yours! To guide you through a session, there are quite a few HIIT workout apps out there that include programs for you to follow and track your progress. That means that there are no excuses to not get your workout in with some quick-and-easy HIIT training!

How does it work?

The high intensity nature of HIIT sessions work to increase aerobic capacity, cardiorespiratory fitness, and endurance. While you’re exercising, you’re working at a much higher intensity level than usual, compared to low intensity cardio sessions. This means that your body’s calorie expenditure is greater and you’ll keep burning more calories and fat than if you were to train at a low intensity for a longer time.

HIIT sessions also boost your metabolism for up to 48-hours after you’ve trained so you’ll keep burning calories long after you finish sweating it out! Are you ready to work out anytime, anywhere for minimal time and maximum impact? Check out the apps below to get started!

12 Minute Athlete

The name says it all – your workout in 12 minutes. Just pick how long you want your workout to be (12 minutes, 16 minutes or a time challenge), choose which equipment you want to use, and you’re ready to go!

The app includes over 185 workouts to choose from with seven types of equipment options. If you’re not quite sure how an exercise should be done, there are detailed descriptions including pics and videos of the exercises to guide you. A built-in timer and interval timer allows you to make custom workouts if you are feeling inspired to go your own way.

So you know how you’re tracking, you can integrate it with the iPhone Health App and track your workout activity to see your progress along the way!

Get it on Apple and Android ($4.49AUD)



The name means “Simply WORK IT” and this app is designed to be completely customisable to suit you, no matter what your fitness level may be! Whether you’re looking for a strength, cardio or stretching session, you can choose the session you’re after and the level you need.

The app has a built in calorie counter so you can see exactly how many calories you’ve burnt during your workout. There are a number of set workouts to choose from but you can also make your own custom workout with all of your favourite exercises and your preferred circuit length.

If you get the “Pro” edition, you get a few extra features including the ability to save custom workouts, access your complete workout history, and stop those pesky ads from popping up.

Better still, if you struggle to keep moving, SWortkit lets you set push notifications so you can’t say you forgot to exercise this week!

Get it on Apple and Android (Free)



How cool would it be if you could take your trainer anywhere with you just in case you wanted to work out? Well, this is the next best thing – Seven is an app that provides you with a trainer on the go!

Once you’ve set your goals and customised your trainer’s gender, language and coaching style, you’re ready to get started on workouts that are specific to your goals. Unlike most other apps, you can personalise the lengths of the rest intervals in your HIIT session. The workouts include detailed descriptions and 3D guides so you can ensure you know what you’re doing and ensure you and your trainer stay on the same page.

You can even compete with friends in a 7-month challenge to keep you motivated and working out for at least 7 minutes every day! With the help of your trainer, you’ll be guided on how to reach your goals, watch your calorie intake, and stay motivated along the way.

Get it on Apple and Android (Free)


Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout

Chris Jordan, Director of Exercise Physiology at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, designed the original 7-Minute Workout to get maximum results in minimum time. The app comes with 72 exercises and 22 workouts that you can mix and match to create over 1000 variations with different intensity levels – meaning you can make every minute of your workout count!

The “Smart Workout” feature in the app is designed to gauge your fitness level and adjust the intensity according to your ability. There are video tutorials to show you how to do the exercises and personalised motivational content, reminders to fit in your workout and progress notifications. If you have an Apple Watch, you can even control the workout intensity from your watch and all workouts can be tracked using the iPhone Health app.

Get it on Apple and Android (Free)


Do you have a HIIT app you love for getting fit? Share it with us in the comments.

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