How to get the most out of your home WiFi

Does your home WiFi work better in some rooms compared to others? Is it running as fast as it could be? If you notice the WiFi signal bar on your smartphone, tablet or computer seems to be pretty low, your devices or home layout may be interfering with the WiFi signal coming from your router.

Don’t stress – there are some simple changes you can make to get your home WiFi signal in ship-shape. We’ve put together some handy tips to help you make the most out of your home WiFi and get the fastest, strongest signal possible.


Why 5GHz WiFi is better than 2.4GHz

These days, most routers and WiFi devices feature 5GHz AC WiFi, a newer technology that offers faster performance than its predecessors. However, routers and WiFi devices typically also offer backwards compatibility with the older 2.4GHz N WiFi, which doesn’t perform as well and is prone to more interference. Many people use the weaker 2.4GHz by default or simply out of habit. The problem is that so many devices today are using bandwidth on the older 2.4GHz N WiFi network, from phones and computers to WiFi or Bluetooth-enabled household appliances, that it can cause major local congestion.

The newer 5GHz AC WiFi is less congested simply because it has much more bandwidth available to be shared between multiple devices.

When it comes to devices that you use for applications such as streaming video, downloads and social media, it’s strongly recommended to use 5GHz AC WiFi wherever possible for a faster, more reliable connection. Switch over your devices today and see the change for yourself!

How to get on 5GHz AC WiFi

If you have a TP-Link VR1600v or TG-789 Broadband Gateway supplied by us, you’re in luck! These models have 5GHz AC WiFi.

For all other modems, check its barcode sticker for details about a 5G WiFi network – this will include the default WiFi network name and password. Then have a go at connecting – there’s no harm done if it doesn’t work.


Once you’ve got all your devices connected, you may notice an immediate improvement in WiFi performance, but there’s still some other things you can check to get the best experience possible.

Your WiFi router location matters

While 5GHz AC WiFi does offer better performance compared to older 2.4GHz WiFi networks, it does have a shorter range and lower “signal penetration” (that’s tech-talk for it doesn’t travel through objects as well). This range should be big enough to cover the average apartment or house, but if you live in a larger house or have thick walls, the solution may be as simple as relocating your router.

When choosing a location for your WiFi router, aim for the following:

  • A clear, central place in your home – ideally with as few walls/objects as possible between the router and locations where you use the internet most often.
  • Out in the open – shutting a modem away in a cupboard just adds more obstacles.
  • On a desk or elevated shelf – WiFi signal travels better “downwards” because there’s less obstacles for the signal to pass through, so starting out on the floor is a disadvantage.
  • Away from any trees, plants, pipes, tiles, microwaves, fish tanks, large metal objects or mirrors – these can all act as obstacles for your WiFi signal.

Check for background activity if you get sudden issues

When you’re already confident in your WiFi setup, it can be frustrating when the signal drops out of the blue. With the sheer number of wireless devices in the typical modern home, a common culprit for unexpected signal drops can simply be increased background activity. At any moment, our phones, laptops, gaming systems or any number of other devices may suddenly decide to do a system update, or back-up our files to the cloud, causing slower performance across the whole household. What may look like a WiFi drop may actually be your internet connection running out of bandwidth for all your connected devices.

If you are experiencing intermittent speed issues or buffering when streaming videos, check if your broadband plan is suitable for your needs. iiNet NBN™ has a range of different speed options. You can see what’s available by checking your address on our website.

Tweaking your channel bandwidth

If you’re experiencing poor speeds or dropouts on your WiFi, setting your WiFi channel bandwidth to 20MHz only may resolve the issue. This handy guide will show you how to make this change on iiNet routers. If you have a third-party device, please check their website for support information.

Considerations for your hardware

Sometimes the size or construction of your home just isn’t optimised for a WiFi signal, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have options!

  • Wireless mesh networks
    A serious step up from a simple extender, wireless mesh networking systems have several WiFi devices installed throughout your home, all working for the same WiFi network. These devices capture each other’s WiFi signals and rebroadcast it, creating a “mesh” of WiFi signal without any dead spots.
  • Ethernet cabling
    Ethernet cabling just can’t be beat, especially when it comes to very time-sensitive operations such as online gaming or stock trading. To avoid running long Ethernet cables along floors or under doors, consider contacting an IT specialist or registered cabler to discuss getting Ethernet cabling installed in your home so you can simply plug into Ethernet ports on the wall in the rooms where you have your router, computer, gaming console and/or smart TV.

Do you have a tip to boost your WiFi performance? Share it in the comments.


  1. Ron Heindorff says:

    Very disappointed in the change over to NBN recently.
    NO increase in download and uploading is horrific!. Neighbours are comparing and two houses down is somewhat better and others are same as with the older system.
    Why am I paying for such slow speed when NBN is supposed to “fix everything”. As a 14+ year loyal user I was hoping you may be able to help me here. Regards, Ron Heindorff

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Ron!

      We’re keen to look into this for you. If you’re able to, please make contact with us directly, via with your details and mentioning your post here. We can then use this information to locate your account and lend a hand.

      – Leo

  2. Stewart andrews says:

    Ever since I have been with you guys our nbn drops out most times when it rains or we have a gush of wind. Sick of ringing your it dept or getting techs out. Obviously a problem with cabling you house or street. Why should I spend so much of my time on hold or swapping over cords that is a waste of time.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Stewart,

      We’re here to help and it sounds like you’ve already completed most of the needed troubleshooting here. We’d suggest that having a fault lodged would be the best way to go, so please feel free to be in touch with us via and we’ll locate your details so we can arrange help for you.

      – Leo

  3. John Chamings says:

    I have my 5G iinet modem 6 inches away from my laptop and it takes ages to connect and the download speed is a joke, however set to WiFi speed and download is instant. All this when other devices, 2 TV,s and 2 mobile phones are not in use. The TVs are Ethernet connected and don’t have an issue. 4 phone calls to iinet have been re this issue have not resolved this issue. The local exchange is capable of 50 Mbps. On WiFi I can normally achieve 35 to 43 Mbps. 3 different Ethernet cables have been used.

  4. Nora says:

    Hi, our wifi was working great up until 2mths ago. Now Im wondering whether to switch providers may be best. This is ridiculous that I have to use my mobile data instead of being confident my home wifi wont drop out

  5. Paul Anstis says:

    Want to improve your experience on the internet… apparent slow loading.. one problem I often come across is due to most devices no never being turned off… always in sleep mode or left on!
    Step one.. checj settings for any imoending or available updates and install them! Then once a week turn off and restart every device in the house that is connected to internet! Do this when you don’t need the internet straight away as it can take several minutes to install or reset!

  6. carol jenkins says:

    Your How to get on 5Ghz & AC Wi-fi post at the beginning here – doesn’t connect at all for me.

  7. Ola says:

    To avoid running cables throughout the house, you can try Ethernet over Power. Just plug devices into your power points.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      You will need Ethernet over Power extenders for this. Also, be aware that some of these may not work, especially if the power is split into different loops from what the computer/modem is running on.


      – Leo

  8. Kevin Wilson says:

    You failed to mention 5Ghz WiFi has a much shorter range than 2.4Ghz so won’t help in a lot of the house without a mesh network or WiFi extender.

    You can also configure an old router as another access point very easily & if it is 5Ghz capable this can double the 5Ghz range. You just need to connect the 2 routers with an ethernet cable.

    Also make sure you give the same SSID name both 2.4 & 5 Ghz networks.

  9. Mark says:

    Tried to change to 20MHz to stop constant drop outs, and buffering when using FaceTime but I keep getting
    “Error code: 80002
    Unknown error.”

  10. david horton says:

    I was told when I was connected that I had no choice but the Huawei HG659, and when I enquired recently about whether the router may have been the cause the of the frequent outages, slow speeds, failing DNS, certificate errors and reboots, all I was given was instructions on rebooting. Now I see two models of router as the current options and no Huawei. I’m feelinf pretty shafted.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi David,

      We do change hardware suppliers and requirements from time to time as our needs and capabilities change. This is evident in the many different modems we’ve offered over the years and will continue to change as we work with our vendors to refine our offerings. You’re always welcome to be in touch with the team to discuss upgrading or replacing hardware, especially if you are feeling aggrieved. We’ll do whatever we can to help!

      – Leo

  11. Tony says:

    iiNet / Netspace customer of 18years.
    The standard supplied modem/router (TG789) does not allow Wifi time scheduling yet the optional TP-Link VR1600v does allow this. The TG789 only allows NetPhone but the TP-Link VR1600v does not. This mix is rather poor (for my household and I’m sure others) planning in my opinion. Internode (also iiNet owned) has the FritzBox (yes there is a cost) option as well as the TG789 however the FritzBox does everything when with Internode but not iiNet. From an overall support perspective surely a single multi purpose device is a better supportable option that can either be all things to some people and limited options to most people. Cheers T

  12. Why am I getting only 12.3 and .80 on my speed test.
    Joe Lorenzin.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Joe,

      It sounds like you might be seeing some Wi-Fi interference there and this could be the cause of the lacklustre speeds. Alternatively, you could be on a 12/1 speed service too!
      We’d recommend the following Help guide:

      This will help in optimising your Wi-Fi, so its worth a look.

      – Leo

  13. Bonny says:

    Your How to get on 5Ghz & AC Wi-fi post at the beginning here – doesn’t connect at all for me.

  14. Gary says:

    I have an iinet TG-789 modem/router. It is unfortunately not located in the most ideal position for WiFi penetration. I have looked online extensively for a current WiFi-6 modem/router but cannot find a WiFi-6 modem, never mind a combined unit. Are you aware of any future iinet products that might be WiFi-6 by design or any advance on the TG-789, as this is getting so yesterday.
    My next alternative will be to contemplate the Optus 5G WiFi setup.

  15. heather ronngard says:

    not heard re two modems and confirmation WIFI speed and connect not better

  16. Sadly my since l had to swap over from ADSL to NBN my download speeds are slower than ever. NBN is just terrible….but if l had chosen a different type of connection at an exorbitant prices then it may well be better. Sometimes l cannot even download ….

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Anthony,

      This isn’t what we want for you, so we’re always keen to lend a hand. You’re more than welcome to be in touch with us via and we can arrange assistance for you.

      As an aside, the NBN12 plan is designed to be the equivalent of an ADSL2+ service, so customers who take this, may not see improvement on speeds, whereas plans on NBN25, NBN50 and NBN100 will see an improvement.

      – Leo

  17. Jade Smith says:

    Curious about whether anyone else experiences regular (like 2.30 am and 12.30pm every day) restarts of NBN co box? I assume this is something that would need to be taken up with them but have lodged a number of complaints on their website and cannot find a contact number. This can’t be normal? Some days the router turns itself on and off for 3 hours at a time! Have had this happen right in the middle of exams and other important things.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Jade,

      This doesn’t sound right, especially if this is happening on a regular basis. We’d recommend having a chat to our teams or being in touch with us via with your details and we can arrange assistance for you.

      – Leo

  18. Steve G says:

    Ours have been up and down depending on the time of day. I have attached a IInet speed test link, Is this good? 7.30am 9.10.20

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Steve,

      if you’re on a NBN50 plan, then this speed would be about right, depending on the type of NBN connection that you have.

      – Leo

  19. Mary Place says:

    I see several other people have complained that the link to does not work. I keep getting Page Not Found message
    I can see it was first reported on this page on 3rd October. It is now 9th October and still not fixed.
    Not a good look for iinet.

  20. Paul White says:

    Having trouble connecting in another room
    WiFi is showing connected but will not connect The tv is an LG

  21. Neil Ewart says:

    When I first went with Iinet and the NBN i was underwhelmed. After numerous phone calls and my own attempts and resolving the issue it was clear that the VR1600 modem you supply is very much an entry level modem. Your technician basically admitted this to me. The 2.4 Network was basically unusable even right next to the router (speeds of around 1MBPS). I do live in a large house but my previous modem with my previous service provider reached to all corners of the house. I invested in a mesh network and my problems are resolved (quite an expensive but worthwhile solution). I did also think of buying my own more powerful router. I’m convinced that the VR1600 might be ok for an apartment but is no good for a reasonably sized house. And don’t even think of trying the “Wifi Extender” option – they are all useless. I don’t know why IInet dont offer some options in regard to modems.

  22. Stephen says:

    I was getting download speeds of 8-10 MBs on ADSL.
    On NBN I get 5-7 MBs!!!!
    Not at all acceptable.
    With an iiNet modem!
    Please explain.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Stephen!

      We can absolutely help with this. Please be in touch with us directly via our Social Media e-mail address: Include your details and mention your post here; we’ll gladly jump in to lend a hand!

      – Leo

  23. Chris Berry says:

    I had a Thompson 585 Modem running on the wire network. This router is now laughed at as it is old and outdated according to the new world geeks. Now I have a VR1600V on the NBN. Wow, can you notice the difference? NO NO NO. No change at all in speeds or performance. New does NOT necessarily mean good.

  24. Dan says:

    We are also dissapointed with our internet. Weve had several technicians come an “fix” the issue of dropouts but it still happens.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Dan,

      We acutely understand how frustrating that dropouts can be and we do suggest continuing troubleshooting this. Ideally, we need to isolate the dropouts down to being wither physical or Wi-Fi related. For Wi-Fi related dropouts, we’d suggest the following (mobile friendly) Help guide:

      Please give it a look and feel free to be in touch with our team!

      – Leo

  25. Stephen says:

    All I see is people complaining about the NBN.
    We have been with IINET for just over 2 years.
    ADSL speeds were 5mbs on a good day, peak !!!
    Called IINET and asked them to fix it. They told me about the NBN. Turned out to be an additional $5 a month to our ADSL plan.
    Now getting 40mbs continuous average.
    Sometimes peaks at 50mbs or more.
    On the NBN50.
    can’t complain.
    I thought I’d leave this comment to show that there are no problems. Most of the time when others complain its because of “user error”.
    We followed all the tips and tricks and out internet is working amazing. Have not experienced any problems.

  26. donnie says:

    agree with most sentiments expressed – particularly that NBN performance is poor/patchy compared and not good value compared to ADSL+, as well I think that iinet should offer a (paid) option of a premium router (with VOIP)

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Donnie,

      We’re always keen to lend a hand with NBN connections, so we strongly recommend giving our NBN help guides a look here:

      Please know that we’re here to help; Support is available 24 hours a day and you’re always welcome to be in touch to troubleshoot!

      – Leo

  27. Mike Stephenson says:

    I had some teething problems when first connected to the NBN. I did need to replace my WI-FI Interface card in my computer as this proved to have become faulty. I have several search engines that I regularly use. Opera is my favourite by sometimes get slow so I use Google Chrome or one of the others. I think it’s a traffic thing and not a NBN problem. Also using a ‘VPN’ might be a slowing the speed down on some computers. Turn off the ‘VPN’ if your ‘Upload’ & ‘Download’ speeds are slow. That will help isolate the problem.

  28. Hilda Edwards says:

    I have been with IiNet for over 10 years and I reckon that ADSL was better. Since changing to NBN my streaming is terrible i just give up trying to download. I am thinking of changing providers because a lot of my friends have done that. I reckon I might need another modem which is quicker and better.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Hilda,

      We’re sad to hear this, as we want your connection to working the best it can for you. We’d strongly recommend having a chat to our Support teams – they can guide you through the troubleshooting process as changing providers won’t solve a slow speed issue; these a usually physical issues that need to be addressed and eliminated.

      – Leo

  29. James Huey says:

    I have a Technicolor TG11Net-1 Router supplied by iiNet .. but it does not appear in the list of models that can be tweaked. There is no mention of 5G in the barcode sticker.
    Seems I need to upgrade – but why on earth have you not offered this without me having to look and ask???

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi James,

      The TG-1 modem is an older modem and as such, didn’t come with 5GHz wireless capability. If you do need to upgrade, you can consider recontracting for a free modem via Toolbox or we’re more than happy to arrange contact for you from our team – it sounds like its a good time to examine what you have with us and how we can improve it.

      – Leo

  30. Bernie says:

    I have been on the NBN (Fibre) since earliest days and have had about 3 problems in 8 years. I am routinely getting slightly over 50mbps on a 50 plan. I use a Fritz:Box and it is fully functional with IInet including phone (despite what Tony says above). The Fritz:Box is totally workable on IInet. Many problems with the NBN are due to the end user, poor wifi signal at home, slow plans, fibre to the node with old copper (to be replaced by FTTP after recent government statement – Goodbye “Malcolm Net”) and other issues not directly related.

  31. Sue says:

    These articles really are insulting. We have no choice where the equipment is placed in our home when the technicians come to install. No one checks what appliances or fields are in your home, we are basically ordered to take what the technician feels like installing and what is easy for them. Stop insulting us with these crazy suggestions that add no value to the already poor service. Each time I call the customer service “service” I end up in a circular discussion that leads to no solution.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Sue,

      We’re sorry to hear that you feel this way! You can ask the installing technicians to place the hardware in a different location, within certain limits. If you aren’t happen with the location where hardware has been installed then we can arrange contact for you and lodge a complaint with the relevant wholesaler so that a technician can attend and work with you for a more optimal solution.

      Feel free to be in touch with us via and we can arrange this.

      – Leo

  32. Mark says:

    Lots of ‘brickbats’ here! How about a ‘bouquet’!!?? I am fortunate to have FTTC NBN. From the moment I plugged my NBN modem and iiNet router in 18 months ago, it has run perfectly! I run 2 x TVs, 2 x iPads, 6 x 4K security cameras with cloud storage, phones and a PC on a mesh WiFi network and an NBN100 plan and everything flies. When I run speed tests I almost always get what I paid for. Hope it stays like that!!

  33. John Ellis says:

    Have been with iinet for many years. I’ve found their service and connection to absolutely fantastic. Fast and reliable. And on the one occasion we had a minor problem iinet were very fast in providing a solution. Highly recommend them over any opposition.

  34. Malcolm Gall says:

    Hi, We have a IInet (Huawei) HG658 supplied by you. Can’t see that it has 5g. Do we need to get an upgraded model with 5g. Can we please?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Malcolm,

      The Huawei modem doesn’t come with 5GHz wireless, so you will need to upgrade. To do so, we’d recommend having a chat to our team via 13 22 58 – the replacement for this would be the TG-789, though be aware that you’ll need the version that is specifically used for the connection that you have.

      – Leo

  35. Saalik says:

    I agree with Steve. I’ve had NO issues over the years I’ve been with iiNet. It appears the only comments are from ‘bad issues’ and those of us that are pleased do not write in.
    I’d take the ‘nay sayers’ with a pinch of salt.

  36. Philip Sullivan says:

    We have been with iinet for nearly three years & apart from the first modem which was crook we have had nil problems, but we are on satelite nbn. The problem we are having now is with our two mobile phones sinse the new sim card with vodaphone has replaced our existing iinet which was with optus. Need to go back to that. we continually have to turn off 7 restart to fix the problem. Not enough coverage out here.

  37. Tony says:

    Why have you not mentioned Powerline Extenders, where you connect your router to a nearby powerpoint with a Powerline Extender and then have another Extender plugged in to a powerpoint where you want good reception and connect a short Ethernet cable to your computer (or TV etc). Much cheaper than Ethernet-cabling your whole house, and works just as well.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Good pickup Tony! These are indeed another option. Just a note that these need to be on the same common power circuit within the home (most homes usually have two or three circuits) for these to work effectively.

      – Leo

  38. Robin says:

    My 5G that I have had for 2.5 years is working well. Unfortunately, when some older devices log onto the 2.4 G it is a nightmare trying to get them to work as it’s often difficult to change the SSID to 5G.

    I’d happily dump the 2.4 G if that is possible so the only available SSID was the 5G

  39. Ken Jones says:

    I am now getting no mobile reception around South Australia (OK in Adelaide only) since IInet changed from Optus to Vodaphone. What is even more annoying is that to go back to Optus or Telstra will cost twice as much to get the previous good reception I had when you worked through Optus.I will be leaving when I find a better deal . On my way to Coles now.

  40. John Madell says:

    Inet problems started when a major company took over. The companies “Bean Counters” got rid of the good service ethics and introduced cost cutting. Remote control was removed so that you had to use their cheap modems, I had trouble with the weak signal so I purchased a more powerful modem, resulted in no assistance and back to using their pathetic product. I have been with Inet for over 15 years and only stay with them because of their wonderful online service.

  41. So many negative comments about iiNet. I’ve been a customer of iiNet for 22+ years and although I have had some issues in the past, they have always been resolved quickly and easily after a friendly phone call or email to them.
    I can’t understand how people claim to have issues with their support team, as I have always found them to be top notch.

  42. Gary says:

    iinet have VHT – Virtual Hold Technology – that means you do NOT have to wait on hold, you get a call back when you reach the front of the Queue, Major differentiator and Its never good to have to call, but even worse to waste time on hold.

  43. Janos Setlak says:

    Shocking NBN speed!

    When I contacted iinet I was told the slow speed was due to the distance the copper cabling had to travel from the node,1299 meters.

    I advised iinet that there are 2 nodes that I found closer, one is at 450 meters and the other 600 meters. I even identified their location and asked as to why I could not be connected to one of these nodes.

    The reply was a bog standard off the shelf answer which completely ignored my questions.

    I have contacted iinet a number of times concerning this issue and each time, you guessed it….an off the shelf generic answer.

    Accept responsibility for once instead of blaming NBN each time. You are the provider so look after your customers.


    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Janos,

      Thanks for bringing this to us.

      RSP’s have no control over how and where NBN implements its network, including what node that you’re connected to. This is entirely down to NBN and their own policies. We can ask NBN to investigate whether its possible to move you to a closer node, but this is highly unlikely as your service may be tied to a set copper pair that terminates in a set location.

      – Leo

  44. Lyn Wojtaszak says:

    i have ethernet cabling installed but the technician who installed my new modem said it wasn’t necessary and wouldn’t connect it to the cable. I have no idea how to fix this. I pay for high speeds and get speeds of around 2-4 mbs. I have spent hours on the phone to iinet but they always end up saying there is no problem, despite me sending pictures of the OOKLA speed test. speed text right now says 2.86 mbps download and 5.45 mbps upload.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Lyn,

      We’re keen to have a look at this as we want you to have the best connection possible. If you’re able to, please be in touch with us via our Social Media e-mail address, Include your details and mention your post here, so we can locate your account and arrange help to have this investigated. Thank you!

      – Leo

  45. Steve Baxter says:

    I’ve been an iinet customer for over 18 years, since the days you operated out of a garage in Craigie. I too have issues with multiple intermittent dropouts since changing to NBN – almost hourly, I work from home and this causes real issues, and streaming sport or movies is really annoying when the dropouts happen.

    I have spoken to support numerous times but we just keep going round in circles and they can never find an issue. Unfortunately the call centre staff always seem more interested in me completing their service survey.

    I am on the NBN 100 plan and your website states “Your NBN line is capable of a maximum line speed of 96 Mbps for downloads and 39 Mbps for uploads.” My last speed test showed download speeds of 21 mbps and uploads of 8 mbps. This costs me $100 per month.

    I have thought often about changing provider and guess this will probably be the only solution.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Steve,

      We’re keen to have a look at this, as there will be reasons as to why your speeds are so slow. We can always have this escalated and a fault lodged for you; we’ll be able to check the speed directly to the modem as well. Please feel free to be in touch with us via our Social Media e-mail and we’ll gladly step in to do whatever we can to turn this around.

      – Leo

  46. Janos Setlak says:

    Hello Leo.

    >We can ask NBN to investigate whether its >possible to move you to a closer node.

    Yes please do ask and let me know their answer.

    Cheers Janos

  47. David says:

    We began the process of switching to NBN from ADSL2 but NBN techs have been nothing but a nightmare. They did 1 line from the street to our window where our current connection is but then said that connection is for a shop downstairs that doesnt even use internet. They then ran a line from a street pole at the rear of my building and set up a box right outside our bathroom.. seriously expecting us to allow them to drill holes into our rental home and into our bathroom of all places. I understand this is NBN fault, not iinet, but what are we meant to do now?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi David,

      Thanks for raising this, as it sounds like this is an installation dispute. We can take this to NBN on your behalf as the last thing we want is to see this happen. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with us via our Social Media e-mail address: Include your details and mention your post here and we’ll have our team step in to lend a hand.

      – Leo

  48. Adrianne Arkell says:

    Hi Just wandering, I have a TG-789 Broadband Gateway supplied by you, does that mean I am automatically on the 5G network?



    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Adrianne,

      Sadly, no.

      There is a difference between 5GHz and 5G.

      5GHz refers to 5GHz Wi-Fi (wireless) signal coming from your TG-789 modem.
      5G refer to the 5G mobile phone network that is being rolled out across the country for mobile services.

      In your case, your TG-789 does allow you ti have a faster Wi-Fi signal at home, using the 5GHz wi-fi band.

      – Leo

  49. Mick says:

    Had the same problems with my wifi and just wasn’t doable no matter what settings or network I connected to.

    Called a tech to extend NBN cabling to my upstairs room and my wifi seems to be working fine.

    The NBN technician advised because of double brick walls and concrete floor is why it wasn’t sending the wifi signal upstairs so we installed our NBN modem near the top of the stairs.

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