How Hosted Exchange benefits business


Email is a core function of any successful business, and in today’s competitive marketplace it’s important to look professional, even on email platforms. Enter Microsoft Hosted Exchange with iiNet: an enterprise-level email platform available at small business prices.

Hosted Exchange has been the benchmark business email platform for a number of years thanks to its robust range of features. Read on to find out how Hosted Exchange can improve your business image and operations.

Stay in sync on the go

With a Hosted Exchange 2 mailbox ($6.95/month per mailbox) you can enjoy real-time updating of your emails, contacts and calendars across all of your devices. That means that appointments scheduled on the go are immediately added to your calendar on your desktop, phone and tablet.

Even if you need to quickly check your work email on a personal device, no additional software download is needed – just log into the Outlook Web Access client from anywhere!

Use your own domain name

Which sounds better, “” or “”? While using generic email domains can work for startups, after a certain point, there’s an expectation among clients that professional companies have business email domains.

Hosted Exchange allows you to easily integrate your business domain into your company email addresses. If you don’t have a business domain yet, no worries – our Hosting Team can get you set up with everything you need. Just give us a call on 1300 378 638 to get started.

Manage company resources with ease

Hosted Exchange goes beyond conventional emails. You can also set up shared mailboxes assigned to company resources such as meeting rooms, company cars or other shared items such as special equipment. This allows everyone in the business to book a resource with a view of existing bookings. No more confusion over who’s meant to have what and when!

Best of all, you won’t need additional IT support to do all this – Hosted Exchange has a powerful online portal that’s easy to use. Our range of simple guides on iiHelp will help you get started.


Organised operations

Delegation is key when it comes to smoothly running operations. Companies with business partners, assistants or receptionists will love Hosted Exchange’s mailbox sharing and ‘reply on behalf of’ features. Multiple mailboxes can be managed from a single software interface to keep communication channels running without any awkward slow-down.

You can also set up distribution lists to quickly send out emails to multiple recipients, such as your Sales team or back of house staff. All of this and more is managed in the same easy Control Panel used for resource mailboxes.

Upgrade to iiNet Hosted Exchange today

With no contracts required and a generous 30-day money back guarantee, there’s no time like the present to discover how Hosted Exchange can improve your business. In addition to all these features and more, you’ll also enjoy the award-winning service from our friendly iiNet Business Team. Sign up online or call us on 1300 7378 638 today and we’ll be happy to help you find the best solution for your business.

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  1. Ian H says:

    Why are the mailboxes limited to 25 Gb? In my industry we are required to retain all e-mail communications between ourselves, clients and service providers for a minimum of 5 years. Given the number and size of attachments that accompany many of the e-mails, this soon adds up to a large amount of data. It would be tremendous if the limit could be increased up from 25 Gb.

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