How lightning fast NBN could change the way you live


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Living without high-speed internet seems like an impossibility these days.

Much like the days before smartphones, it’s scary to think where we would be without the information superhighway at our fingertips.

Remember having to rely on dial-up modems that took ages to download even the most basic websites? Present day wireless internet makes that archaic practice seem foolish. Well now, the National Broadband Network (NBN) will again transform the way you’re able to use the Internet.


Emails and mobile messaging are integral parts of everyday life. Keeping in contact with relatives and friends to coordinate plans or simply check in and say hello are important to staying in touch. Communication apps such as Skype and Viber are allowing more and more users to keep in contact with people around the world.

But there’s nothing more frustrating than a call that constantly drops out or a video call that has a frozen image. The NBN will enhance our ability to stay in touch with those that matter most by providing a fast and reliable connection.

And what about if your friends and family are overseas? Staying in touch via technology becomes even more simple as demonstrated by this delightful video below!

Professional matters

Professional matters

The need for electronic communication doesn’t end there. Keeping up to date with work is a necessity in this day and age. Missing a deadline or leaving an important contact hanging can leave you in a sweat. Improved broadband capability makes accessing virtual private networks (VPNs) or documents in the cloud more seamless, helping you be on the top of your game.

The business world has never been as global and interactive as it is today. The days of colleagues all working in the same office are long gone. Sending physical documents elsewhere or faxing items is becoming less and less common. Almost everything is done digitally, with large files full of rich graphics and tomes of text needing to be uploaded, downloaded and sent out all the time. Working from home is also becoming more commonplace.

The NBN, with super fast download and upload speeds available, will greatly shorten the time it takes to do all this and make it much easier to be productive out of the office. Whether that means working from home or on the go.



The NBN is going to take mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to the next level. As advanced as wireless connectivity has become, there is still a long way to go to fully optimise the use of the latest and greatest mobile devices. But the NBN will help take you there.

Grainy and pixelated video with seemingly infinite loading times and constant buffering is a thing of the past with the NBN. With speeds of up to 100Mb/s download and 40Mb/s upload, you’ll be able to stream movies, TV shows, music and games to your heart’s content.

This is even more important with the arrival of new streaming video services such as Netflix and iiNet TV with Fetch. Plus if you’re an iiNet Group customer you could be enjoying Netflix quota-free! Head to our website to check eligibility requirements.

Love playing games online with friends? The speeds offered by NBN will be a definite advantage for those playing multiplayer games where every second counts. As the production quality of games improve, with more realistic graphics and rendering, the size of these files will also grow. So being able to download large files quickly is another advantage offered by the network. To learn more about NBN speeds check out our previous article “Understanding your speeds on the NBN”.

Spreading the power

In many cases access to wireless internet services is limited to larger metropolitan areas. Travelling beyond city limits to less populated areas can mean diminished broadband connectivity. While this is an inconvenience for those passing through such isolated areas, it’s means a great deal to people who live in those areas.

The NBN will bring high-speed web access to many of these areas, which in turn opens up many other possibilities in the areas of education, health and community engagement.

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  1. Andrew Hansen says:

    iiNet…lightning fast NBN, what a joke. It would be laughable if it were not so serious. I am paying for a 50 Mbps service and am consistently getting less than 1 Mbps. Either there is something seriously wrong with the fibre network or I have been sold a ‘Best Effort’ Service with a high contention ration. I have previously complained about this and was forced by iiNet to do a number of download and upload tests and send the results to iiNet. I was promised someone would be in touch with me a week ago and as yet no one from iiNet has been in touch. I then attempted to lodge a support request and was informed by the answering service that I would have to wait for at least 121 minutes minimum, before anyone could help me or I could just hold the line. In what universe do you call this customer service???? Not effing good enough iiNet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Andrew,

      Sounds like you’ve definitely done the right thing by contacting support and performing the required tests so this matter can be investigated further. We’re sorry to hear you failed to hear back from us, that’s certainly not acceptable. If you’re able to call 13 22 58 during the day you will be offered the option for an automated call back, this avoids the need to wait on hold. Once through if you don’t feel like the issue is being addressed adequately or would like to raise a complaint regarding the prior service, please read over how to escalate here:

  2. noeleen burke says:

    Can we get this in strawberry drive good up graded everyone else when some people cant even get broadband at their house or wifi.costs us a fortune for 4 gb on a usb…..not good.

  3. Justin says:

    Still waiting ever so patiently in Proserpine, Queensland.

    Tried to get my parents who live at Kelsey Creek who are on the interim satellite service (worst thing ever) onto the Fixed Wireless but even though after being told by NBN Co and iiNet that their property was SC5 (Service Class 5) the technician couldn’t find any signal. An NBN tower needs to be built in Kelsey Creek and the Fibre rollout needs to start ASAP in Proserpine.

  4. john tyler says:

    I hope I live long enough for NBN to get to my street…guess i’ll have to struggle on for a while on my 1MB/S satellite conx.

  5. Ken Fredric says:

    I felt my self getting wound up while reading this article. I live in Scarborough, Qld and am a long term customer of iiNet (over 11 years). Whenever I look at the NBN map, I’m always disappointed to see that my suburb is still not on there.
    In the meantime, my service is degrading, which may be a symptom of services like Netflix becoming available. Tried to stream a movie 2 nights ago and had to give up on it because it kept cutting out.
    I realise iiNet have no control over when NBN is rolled out to particular areas, but that doesn’t help when my current service is getting worse by the day.

  6. Tony says:

    The NBN cable was laid in front of my building over 2 years ago. The building next door has enjoyed the NBN for over a year. I am repeatedly told by iiNet and NBNCo that the NBN is not available in my area even though it is in my street.

  7. Glenn says:

    Apparently Glenwood, NSW was on the roll-out plan until the election and Abbott decided Labor electorates don’t deserve decent internet speed. We are now off the plan, with an entire suburb operating via a sub-standard RIM.

  8. Noel Ellem says:

    Sto[p bugging people with “get iinet now” when you dont have this service in my area and have NO idea when it will be available !!!!!

  9. Don Hyde says:

    I have been with West Net for over 10 years. I am wondering if Albany WA 6330 will ever get NBN down here.

    Yours Faithfully

    Don Hyde

  10. John Hogg says:

    I was on dial-up for several years before bundling up into broadband. I am happy with this speed. My questions are:

    How long can I stay as I am?
    Will I have to use NBN?
    Will it cost more $$$?
    Will I lose on my 100.0GB quota?

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi John,

      After the NBN has rolled out to your area there will be a cross-over period, but eventually the copper lines will be disconnected. There is no firm date but you will be provided plenty of notice. After this, you don’t have to use NBN but we’re confident that you’d be happy once you’ve made the switch, as it provides fast and reliable service. NBN plans starts at $59.90 and include a netphone service, this is cheaper than many ADSL plans. Your quota on NBN will depend on the plan chosen, my $59.90 example includes 50GB, but it’s only $10 more to upgrade to 250GB! Full plan details here:

      You should also check out our NBN FAQ which may answer any follow up questions you have:

  11. Kevin Merritt says:

    The best iiNet can offer in Thornlie, WA is an overpriced Off-Net ADSL1 service that gives me just 4-6 Mbps behind a crappy Telstra RIM. NBN WILL NOT ROLLOUT FIBRE TO THE HOME, instead a SUB-STANDARD service will be delivered over the existing suspect copper and I’ll be lucky (I have more chance of winning lotto without a ticket) if I see 25 Mbps, never mind the claimed “up to 100Mbps” assuming I live long enough that is. So please stop exaggerating and tell the truth about the NBN for a change!

  12. dwayne bradbury says:

    I find it very funny, that iinet can say lightning fast NBN (Fiber-Optic, bring back ADSL-2 please it was faster I was happy, iinet, Westnet are out of there league with NBN broadband, I pay for 25mbps download and almost constantly get 0.62 even a couple of 0.02 and not to mention latency test failed, customer support done all the test told me to buy from them new router, but I let then have control over my computer via a code they use and then plugged Ethernet cable directly into NBN box by-passing all obstructions and guess what, there reading said 0.63, they cannot help me, they will not let me break contract, without paying them the break contract fee, I told them I am going to the TIO, the mood changed, they now say they are going to fix it on the 14th of July, but not holding breath, stay away from iinet, Westnet and Adam internet as they will rip you off like they have me, they also said to me the speed is not guaranteed ahahahaha very funny 0.62 dail up speed is what I get, 25.00mbps is what I have been paying for, take my advice and stay away from iinet and the companies that are with them, this as been happening now for 6 months now and getting worse, give me my money back thieves, I don’t steel your internet, so don’t steel my money for internet that you are not giving me, at the end of all this and July 15th 2015 comes and NBN is not fixed it will be court time, for all the money they have rip me off with, please please stay away, cant stress that enough, you will be disappointed please trust me, hope this helps in making your decision

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Dwayne,

      We’re very sorry to hear about your experience, but glad to hear that an ETR has been provided for your case now. We do acknowledge that a small minority of NBN areas are temporarily suffering from capacity related issues, and have been providing updates via our fault notice here:

      If you aren’t in one of those listed areas it may be that your case is a more isolated fault. Transparency is important to us and we hope to have you back up to the lightning fast speed very soon.

  13. Jo Soares says:

    The NBN service is a joke – it is slower than broadbrand-have been trying to call iinet for the last 1/2 hour – can not get through…. have rebboted the modem, checked everthing and the system is still slow-and I am still holding the line waithing for someone to talk to me…. Am in East Vic Park, WA